Just A Reminder
October 29, 2008, 5:54 pm
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This is just a little reminder on what I think about the election. I am refering everyone back to a few posts ago when I was talking about;


This is all I’ll say about this crazy election, at least for now!  🙂


Why Don’t They Get It?
October 24, 2008, 8:00 am
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I for the life of me can’t understand how some churches and followers of Christ just don’t get it. I passed another church marquis this morning that has made me angry. I know you have heard this one before but let me go ahead and quote their sign, “Will your eternal home be smoking or non-smoking?” obviously this is a trite and simply put, a stupid little saying. Now you ask why it’s stupid? Well let me tell you.

Number one it just makes the church look dumb because they couldn’t up with something more original. Secondly, it’s stupid because if you are trying to reach out to the un-saved or the un-churched it’s not a very loving appeal. In fact it’s more like a slap in the face.

If you recall, the woman that was caught in adultery in the Bible was about to be stoned by the “religious” people of her day. Isn’t it crazy how religious folks, for some reason love to pitch stones at people? Anyway, Christ came and he responded in love, pointed out the “religious” guys hypocrisy and then forgave the adulterous woman and then told her to sin no more. Christ did not condemn her even though the religious elite had already condemned her and sentenced her to death.

It’s kind of like what some churches do with their church signs. They make condemning statements on their signs and then are proud of their religious piety. In essence they are lobbing stones at the un-saved and the un-churched as they are driving by. Churches really need to look at Christ’s example as they try to reach the world. It’s really simple. I think it’s more like churches choose not to get it than that they don’t understand. I think it’s easier to throw stones than just love. No wonder people can’t stand the church. It’s hard to get through to people because they have put up the walls to protect themselves from the stones.

You know what a good message on a church marquis might be? “We love you!” I think Jesus would be a lot more likely to say something like that instead of asking whether someone’s eternity would be smoking or non-smoking! Loving God and loving others!

Towing A Trailer And No Keys Lost
October 19, 2008, 6:41 pm
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Today was a whole lot better for me personally than last Sunday. Of course last Sunday was a great day at C3 but personally it was not as smooth as I would have preferred. Last week I was supposed to tow one of our trailers so I borrowed Pastor’s Excursion which can handle any kind of trailer (It’s a beast). Needless to say on Sunday morning at 5am I lost the key after opening the door with it.  I had to wake up my friend Blaine to go pull a trailer for me. Obviously I felt like crap because of me the set up crew, which sacrifice their valuable time to be at the theaters at 6am, were there waiting and were put a little behind schedule. Everyone was very forgiving and I was actually harder on myself than anyone else. Fortunately the service went great and lives were changed but I still felt stupid. That brings me to this morning.

I told my friend Blaine that I would tow for him this week because I called on him for emergency duty last week. I was so concerned about making sure things went smoothly for me this morning that I woke up a 3:45am and was at the storage lot where we keep our trailers early. I lost no keys and towed trailer #3 without event. Today was just an all around great day. Again we had many decisions to follow Christ and the message from Pastor Byron was just powerful. The icing on the cake was that I didn’t feel stupid, so just a great morning. The point to all of this is. I’m glad God is not dependant on a set of lost keys or a trailer that is a little late or a Connections/Small Group Pastor that feels a little stupid and embarrassed. I’m also glad I was not the weakest link this morning. Praise God for moving over the past two weeks. Lives changed! That’s what it’s all about. C3 Church just incredible.

Echoes Of My Past
October 13, 2008, 7:48 am
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Alright boys and girls I’ve got to set this one up. This is totally a personal blog about me today. Sorry, I usually do not focus on myself but this one I just got to share with you guys. I graduated high school in 1987.  Twenty one years ago. Back then band was the biggest part of my life. Well, I have had a friend (fellow bandmember) contact me through facebook. I haven’t heard from anyone back in those days for literally 21 years. My friend has posted a youtube video of the marching band show, which was a James Bond 007 theme back in 1987. I was the senior drum-major conducting the band (skinny guy, in white on the left). I was on the drum-major box for almost the whole show. The video is from 1987 so the quality is horrible and it is ten minutes long. Once you get through the very beginning you might want to fast forward to the end (7:55 into the video) because that, of course is the best part. On the last song, “For Your Eyes Only” we had a girl singing with us which was totally “out of the box” for a high school marching band. Anyway, I hope you enjoy as I walk down memory lane.

I’m Sure
October 8, 2008, 7:25 am
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It’s a Wednesday morning and it seems that things are uncertain. No more than normal but the difference is all of the bad news a person has to fight through in order to just simply trust. I have talked at length about how trusting is choice and I’m going to elaborate a little more today.

Just like Pastor Byron said a few weeks ago pastors are no different from everyone else when it comes to making choices such as giving financially to God’s work. The same holds true when making choices on who or what to trust. I don’t know about you guys but I’m tired and weary. I’m tired of the election, I’m tired of our economy, I’m tired of the war, I’m just tired of all of the bad news. With that fatigue comes the temptation to look for something immediately to grab hold of to trust. I, just like all of you want something tangible to latch on to. Whether it’s my money, a politician, my health or even a loved one, these things are all temporary and can evaporate from you in an instant. Knowing this or coming to realize this causes consternation and concern unless, unless, I make the difficult choice to trust God.

The choice to trust God is more difficult than you might think. Just because I’m a pastor doesn’t make it any easier than anyone else. What makes this choice more difficult is the fact that God is an intangible in a world where possesions are everything. We are trained to want more things and expect more from people that affect our lives whether that be a politician or even a loved one. So to trust our future to a God who we cannot see or hear or touch is something that doesn’t come natural. Let’s be honest, it’s stinkin’ hard.

So whether you’re a pastor, businessman, powerful, weak, rich or poor, no matter who you are or your station in life it’s a difficult but necessary choice to make. In the difficult times in which we live we really have no other choice to achieve peace in our lives than to trust in Christ. In fact I’m reminded of an awesome hymn (I know you can’t believe I’m actually going to quote a hymn. 🙂 ) that fits the situation we find ourselves in right now.

“In times like these we need a Savior. In times like these we need an anchor. Be very sure, be very sure, your anchor holds and grips the Solid Rock. That Rock is Jesus, He’s the One. That Rock is Jesus the only One. Be very sure, be very sure, your anchor holds an grips the Solid Rock”

So today, again I make the choice to trust God! He’s my anchor and my solid rock and yes, I’m very sure!

October 1, 2008, 7:17 am
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Alrighty y’all. I have joined the next big thing and you need to do the same. Twitter is a cool social networking program that enables you to keep up with your friends on a constant basis. Join then you can be twitted too!