Towing A Trailer And No Keys Lost
October 19, 2008, 6:41 pm
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Today was a whole lot better for me personally than last Sunday. Of course last Sunday was a great day at C3 but personally it was not as smooth as I would have preferred. Last week I was supposed to tow one of our trailers so I borrowed Pastor’s Excursion which can handle any kind of trailer (It’s a beast). Needless to say on Sunday morning at 5am I lost the key after opening the door with it.  I had to wake up my friend Blaine to go pull a trailer for me. Obviously I felt like crap because of me the set up crew, which sacrifice their valuable time to be at the theaters at 6am, were there waiting and were put a little behind schedule. Everyone was very forgiving and I was actually harder on myself than anyone else. Fortunately the service went great and lives were changed but I still felt stupid. That brings me to this morning.

I told my friend Blaine that I would tow for him this week because I called on him for emergency duty last week. I was so concerned about making sure things went smoothly for me this morning that I woke up a 3:45am and was at the storage lot where we keep our trailers early. I lost no keys and towed trailer #3 without event. Today was just an all around great day. Again we had many decisions to follow Christ and the message from Pastor Byron was just powerful. The icing on the cake was that I didn’t feel stupid, so just a great morning. The point to all of this is. I’m glad God is not dependant on a set of lost keys or a trailer that is a little late or a Connections/Small Group Pastor that feels a little stupid and embarrassed. I’m also glad I was not the weakest link this morning. Praise God for moving over the past two weeks. Lives changed! That’s what it’s all about. C3 Church just incredible.


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Wow – 3:45am! I am really glad that things went well this weekend. Like I said last Sunday, you never know why God brought that situation to you…

Miss the Loper’s and C3 today!

Comment by Gina

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