Mavericks For The Change We Need!

McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden, Bush/Cheney, Kerry/Edwards, Clinton/Gore, Gore/Leiberman, Bush/Quayle, Mondale/Ferraro, Reagan/Bush, Carter/Mondale, etc., etc., etc.  America has had its share of political races during many political seasons in its 232 years. Politics are politics. It is what it is. No matter who runs, or how the economy is, or if we are at war or not and whoever wins, there is only one thing that is a constant. God is in control and He will take care of His children. That means you and me. The only one that we should put our trust in is in Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us that God will supply all of our needs according to His riches in glory, not the government, not John McCain, not Barack Obama, not even ourselves!

We can not even trust ourselves at times so how in the world can anyone put their ultimate trust in a politician. So don’t get discouraged by this political season. Become involved, vote, try to influence this country, not for your own desires, but for the cause of Christ. Don’t become so consumed by this crazy political season that reaching people for Christ and seeing life-change takes a back seat to a Presidential election that carries no weight in eternity.

Be the best citizen you can be but don’t let that pursuit become a passion that is more pronounced than your passion to be the best Christ-Follower you can be. We will be able to effect more “change” in this great country of ours if more people find Christ, than who occupies the White House in January! So does this country need change? You better believe it does, but the agent of “change” is not going to be Obama or McCain. The only person that can bring meaningful change is Jesus Christ. If we could get as excited about Christ as much as we are excited about McCain or Obama we could seriously be the real “mavericks” that could bring about “the change we need!”


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