October 1, 2008, 7:17 am
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Alrighty y’all. I have joined the next big thing and you need to do the same. Twitter is a cool social networking program that enables you to keep up with your friends on a constant basis. Join then you can be twitted too!


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Your such a poser!

Comment by Blaine

You’re a punk! You got to keep up with new things or you will get old buddy and your little girl will leave you in the dust. When it comes to technology or anything you need to keep it fresh so you’ll stay young. Don’t become an “old” man, Blaine!

Comment by darrellloper

You guys are hilarious!

Comment by Stacy B

Sometimes you just have to kick it old school!

Comment by Blaine

I don’t disagree with you. Sometimes kickin’ it old school is fun and nostalgic but you don’t want to live there. If that happens then you’re just one of those weird people that are stuck in whatever decade they have their fondest memories. And then you just feel sorry for them because they’re stuck in a rut but yet they don’t know it.

Comment by darrellloper

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