Why Don’t They Get It?
October 24, 2008, 8:00 am
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I for the life of me can’t understand how some churches and followers of Christ just don’t get it. I passed another church marquis this morning that has made me angry. I know you have heard this one before but let me go ahead and quote their sign, “Will your eternal home be smoking or non-smoking?” obviously this is a trite and simply put, a stupid little saying. Now you ask why it’s stupid? Well let me tell you.

Number one it just makes the church look dumb because they couldn’t up with something more original. Secondly, it’s stupid because if you are trying to reach out to the un-saved or the un-churched it’s not a very loving appeal. In fact it’s more like a slap in the face.

If you recall, the woman that was caught in adultery in the Bible was about to be stoned by the “religious” people of her day. Isn’t it crazy how religious folks, for some reason love to pitch stones at people? Anyway, Christ came and he responded in love, pointed out the “religious” guys hypocrisy and then forgave the adulterous woman and then told her to sin no more. Christ did not condemn her even though the religious elite had already condemned her and sentenced her to death.

It’s kind of like what some churches do with their church signs. They make condemning statements on their signs and then are proud of their religious piety. In essence they are lobbing stones at the un-saved and the un-churched as they are driving by. Churches really need to look at Christ’s example as they try to reach the world. It’s really simple. I think it’s more like churches choose not to get it than that they don’t understand. I think it’s easier to throw stones than just love. No wonder people can’t stand the church. It’s hard to get through to people because they have put up the walls to protect themselves from the stones.

You know what a good message on a church marquis might be? “We love you!” I think Jesus would be a lot more likely to say something like that instead of asking whether someone’s eternity would be smoking or non-smoking! Loving God and loving others!


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I put this up there with a billboard I saw recently that said: “Jesus loves you, repent and be saved.” Does that even mean anything to some one who has no understanding about Jesus? I don’t think so. It just stands to isolate the church as out of touch and irrelevant… and like it or not, places like the church you described are doing public relations for all of us. Ugh.

Comment by murphy24p

Dont be a stoner! hehe. Thats what I thought the whole time I was reading this. Great blog and amazing points. I have actually been thinking a lot about this lately. In a world where so many churches are trying to reach the un-saved in unloving ways the more I just want to scream LOVE WINS!

Comment by ditr45

Thanks for you comments Karen & Steve. We’ve just got to keep loving others and showing them the true meaning of Christ.

Comment by darrellloper

How often do churches like that teach people to witness to others with conversations like this:

“Hey, have you been saved?”


“Have you been born again?”


“You know, washed in the blood?”


“I’m trying to tell you the Good News!”

“What’s that?”

“You’re going to hell!”

“So what’s the bad news?”

I laughed out loud when I heard Larry Norman go through this. It’s funny because it’s so pathetic while at the same time so much what is really going on.

It may work in conversations with people who have a history of going to church and need a reminder. But MOST people neither understand church-ese, nor appreciate the attempts to insult them with a snicker into “the kingdom.”

Comment by realizingharmony

I did like the sign at a church down the street from your house that says, “Jesus, change you can believe in”

That may be something people can relate to.

Comment by Blaine

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