July 26, 2008, 10:03 am
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I know that Saturdays are horrible blog stat days. No one reads blogs on Saturday so that might be the best time to write an introspective kind of blog of whatever is on my mind or not. Oh well, I’m going to write it anyway. This morning I am sitting at my desk in my office just thinking about expectations. Let me stop right here and just apologize to all the guys for not coming out to play football with you today. I promise I will make it out to play with you guys but I feel I need to¬† get in a little better shape (code for losing a few more pounds, which is happening) before I feel I can play without looking like a total fool as I carry my fat butt around. Alright then, I was talking about, expectations.

Just like I couldn’t meet the guys expectations today as they were wanting me to come play some football, a lot of times we have trouble meeting peoples’ expectations. Just as we miss expectations a lot of times, we also place expectations on people a lot of times and don’t even realize we are doing it.

Most of the time I expect people to do the right thing. I expect this or that of churched people. I expect this or that of un-churched people. I expect this or that of people that report to me for whatever the occasion is. It is also expected that we perform with responsible actions in our jobs, our marriages, our relationships, on and on etc.. Expectations, expectations, expectations.

In our minds we have to eventually learn how to deal with expectations. We need to learn how accept when people don’t meet ours and even accept when we don’t meet our own. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that living a life of mediocrity is the best life to live. In fact improving ourselves and living a life of excellence is a great thing. I believe that Christ gives us the ability to live a more excellent life, a life of abundance (i.e. read John 3:16).

With the abundant life also comes freedom. Freedom from the expectation trap. The only standard that means anything is God’s standard. If we are striving to be more like Christ then we are truly living in an abundant life, free from expectations. Not expectations from God but expectations from others. The only expectation that God has is to live a life in the pursuit of Christ. God realizes that many times we fall short of being like Christ but the expectation from Him is not that we get it right all the time. The expectation from God is that we keep trying. Unlike people who place expectations on results (me included), God places expectation on our efforts.

When we do or say something that is not Christ-like, it is not that particular action or deed that Christ focuses on. It is what we do after we have failed that Christ is concerned about. Because Christ’s grace already covers for us when we mess up. God’s grace is like the insurance policy that fixes the car when we hit someone. After the accident the car is repaired like new so that we can drive again. So God’s expectation isn’t focused on the “damage” to the car, it’s focused on us “driving”again. Not just driving but driving better. Just like Pastor Byron talked about on Sunday. Accepting Christ is not just a one time act that allows us to live however we want or “sin” and not care about the consequences. A true walk with Christ is pursuing Him and trying to do better the “next” time. So the insurance or “grace” not only allows us to drive again but to become a better driver or “Christ-follower” in the process.

The effort to be more like Christ is the expectation of our Lord and in that pursuit there is true freedom from “people’s” expectations. I will never be able to meet everyone’s expectations and not everyone will always meet up with mine. In fact I might not even meet my own expectations but the important thing is that we do not get caught in the expectation trap because the only thing that is found there is a feeling of defeat. So the only expectations that really matter are those from God because grace is a ladder out of the pit of defeat and the willingness to climb onto the ladder is the victory of an expectation met!


Alright Already
April 13, 2008, 2:57 pm
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After looking at my last blog about American Idol I must confess a few things. First of all I do think it was a great thing that the producers of the show did by doing Shout to the Lord. I also think that both nights were good and glorified God and also that some Christians were not justified in the criticism of the show. So I do stand by the reasoning of my last blog. But as I looked at it today after coming home from church the Lord convicted me about the tone that I used in the blog. Even though I think that the Christian community that is complaining on all kinds of Christian blogs out there (there are a good number) is wrong, I don’t think my tone was very loving. I can disagree but I don’t have to be hateful about it. We all have our areas of weakness that God is working on and I just think that reading some of the hate that was directed at the producers of American Idol quite frankly got me upset and that is what came through on my blog. My Christian brothers and sisters out there that might disagree with my view about this subject, well, we will have to agree to disagree but I am sorry for the tone in my blog and ask your forgiveness. I do believe we have to do our best to reach the non-Christ followers out there and they will know us by our love and I was not very loving. Sometimes I get the love thing right and then there are times I don’t. I am just thankful for the Holy Spirit that points out our shortcomings and I thank God for His grace that covers our mistakes. So enough about American Idol. Alright, already!