I am the Connections Pastor at C3 Church in Orlando, FL. I also lead worship on occasion. I love God, my wife, my family, my church, music and people in general. God has called me to the ministry at C3 Church. Unlike most Pastors which feel called to a specific area of ministry I have a different view or perspective on my call. I believe God has called me to a specific ministry not a specific area. That means that I serve at leisure of my Senior Pastor. Whatever I am needed to do, I will do. If that is to be a Connections Pastor, Worship Pastor, Education Pastor or whatever the ministry needs, God has placed me here to fulfill the call He has on my life to C3 Church. I believe that how I live life should be in worship to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am also so blessed to have the most beautiful, loving wife in the whole world. Andrea is a gift from God that completes who I am. I can not imagine life without my best friend and soul mate that God has so graciously given me. Andrea is my “Honey Bun” and I love her with all of my heart.

I am blessed to have a beautiful family as well. My mom Janice and my dad Dallas (1925-2000). My parents have raised me to love God and they are the best examples of His love that I know of. My mother-in-law, Angela and my sisters-in-law which I just call my sisters, Brittney and Cassie, are truly family. And how could I forget my little nephew Hayden (the pride and joy of the family until I have some little ones. 🙂 ).

I also have a thing for automobiles. I subscribe to numerous car magazines and have always loved the “horseless carriage”.

I love sci-fi. I love nice clothes. I love contemporary furnishings or clean lines (I believe my wife says the proper term for our style is “transitional”, somewhere between ultra contemporary and traditional. With an Asian flair thrown in there for good measure.) I love my cat, “Lola”. I love to travel. (I have been to: Paris, France, Brussels and Brugge, Belgium, Geneva, Switzerland, Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, Seattle, Dallas, Washington D.C., Atlantic City, San Francisco, Denver, Lake Tahoe, Atlanta, Phoenix, Fort Worth, Miami, Tampa, Vancouver and Victoria, BC, Yellowstone, Glacier, Estes, Pike’s Peak, Mt. Ranier National Parks and any number of smaller cities.)

I thank God because I am blessed beyond measure!


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