Haven’t Seen But Believe
June 7, 2009, 6:44 pm
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Alright. Everything I’m going to share is just from my heart.  I know all of the truth of scripture and that God never leaves us or forsakes us and I believe that and have no doubts. I’m just going to share something with you that I have thought so many times, even from childhood and I’m sure many of you have thought at one time or another. Wouldn’t  it be really cool if you could just sit down with Jesus face to face to talk and ask questions. I know, I know, we can pray and carry on convos with Him but I’m talking about sitting down with Him literally and just talking. Sometimes I imagine what it would feel like if I could have a real tangible and audible conversation with the Son of God. I often think about how much stronger I would be if this scenario could be played out and how comforting it would be for me. Then, I realize that the strength does not come with an easy convo but in the faith and believing even when you can’t see.

I think the disciples had it great because they could talk and do life with Jesus but even they had difficulty in believing at times even though they witnessed the miracles. So I’m no different than any other human being that has walked on the earth. It’s always going to be difficult to understand “things” and then have the ability to easily trust through difficult circumstances. Life will never get easy and there will always be struggles which makes it difficult at times to trust in the One who you can not even see, hear or touch. But,….then I think about what God “spoke” to us in the Bible, “Blessed are those that haven’t seen but still believe!” I grab hold of that and realize that everything will be OK.


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I just read both your last blogs and totally agree with the fish/net thing. I had a convo one day and was told we don’t revere God the way we do church at C3. (?!) This person is a Mormon and, well what could I say? We agreed to disagree.
As for the conversation with Jesus, I feel the dame way. In the book Glorious Appearing after Jesus returns I love how their prayers are like instant talks with Jesus. Can’t wait, until then gonna keep “casting my net and hauling them into the boat” after that God will move and It’s up to the person to follow or not.
We really appreciate you and Andrea. Your commitments to Christ, C3 and each other are wonderful.

Comment by Colleen Wilson

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