Rolls Royce = Art

I know I wrote a car blog not long ago but I’m writing another one. One reason to write another car blog is that I just need to get my mind off of all of the craziness and pressures of our world and our country right now. One of the ways I wind down and relax is to think about another passion in my life beside God, wife, family and church. The other passion in my life are automobiles. I love many different types of automobiles. In fact a good designed, incredible looking car is like a fine piece of art too me. Rolls Royce is one of the finest car companies in the world and in my estimation they don’t just create cars, but they create works of art. I know, not everyone will agree with me but I love the way a Rolls Royce looks. The lines, the proportions and craftsmanship are exceptional. I love many different cars but Rolls Royces are some of my favorites. Since I’m a pastor, probably the closest I will ever get to a Rolls Royce is to look at photos and that’s ok. So join with me as I admire a few of my faves in the world of automobiles, the Roll Royce Phantom, Phantom Drophead Coupe and Phantom Coupe.







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Pretty!! You do love cars – it is a good passion to have!

Comment by Gina

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