80%, 90% Maybe Even 100%
January 19, 2009, 5:29 pm
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I was blown away by the overwhelming response yesterday by the C3 Church members who signed up to participate in Community Groups. As the Small Groups Pastor it is my goal to get as close to 100 percent participation as possible. Yesterday was the first sign up day that we had for small groups for the spring semester and we more than doubled our active participants in one day! After talking with some great small groups pastors from around the country I have found that if a church has at least 20 percent of their attendees participating in small groups then they are considered successful. What is normally seen as successful is not the goal or expectation that the staff or myself envision for C3 Church. I view 100  percent as success at C3 Church. Obviously some people or experts in the field will say that is not possible but to tell you the truth I don’t care what they say and C3 is not a typical church.

As I have led our Connections team the past year I have seen the percentages of our people that are members that are serving are higher than an average church and I think that Community Groups will also buck the trend and be above average as well. When you have at least 70 to 80 percent of your membership plugged in and serving in some capacity it speaks volumes of a church’s health as “others” are a focus and not themselves. I believe the people of C3 Church are stepping up to the plate once more and hitting the ball out of the park. Having great relationships and the kind of next level influencers that Pastor Byron has been talking about is so very important for people to grow and connect with Christ and others. I believe people at C3 are primed and ready for their next step as they plug into Community Groups. I also believe that C3 Church is not just an average church but is so much above average it’s crazy. Nothing is going to stop us, 80%, 90% maybe even 100% participation unbelievable and possible! Thank you C3’ers and praise God for what He is doing in this movement called C3 Church!


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Of course it’s possible to be at 100%. Last time I check we serve an Awesome God.

Comment by unexpectedthankyou

That is awesome!!! Did you see that our family came and they brought friends and signed up for the community groups!!!

C3 is amazing! Actually, God is amazing!

Comment by Gina

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