Thankful For Many Things

Alright I know I haven’t blogged forever. Well it’s only been a week and a half but it seems like forever. I have been a busy man joining my wife and helping out her company with the holiday season. It’s been fun and totally different, plus a few extra bucks in the old bank account is an added bonus. Let me start out with the week in review, starting with church last Sunday.

Last Sunday we wrapped up the “Feed the Families” Christmas initiative and it was an incredible success. We had so many of the families come to C3 to visit and we were blessed beyond measure. I believe that the families enriched our lives more than we ever expected. We had almost 800 people in attendance and the atmosphere was just electric. We had more than 20 decisions to become Christ-Followers and a ton of first-time guests. I thank God that I am part of a movement that has a desire to really reach out to the community and in turn change people’s lives.

Secondly it is Christmas. This time of the year is my favorite just like most people. This year has had its challenges but it’s been rewarding nonetheless. Usually my family loves to give presents to each other and enjoy the whole spirit of giving. This year it is even more meaningful because our family wanted to do more than just give gifts to each other. This year as an entire family we made the choice to give to charity what we would have spent on each other. Obviously this is what we as a family felt we wanted to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving presents to each other but we were just blessed this year in such hard times to give to others. This has made this Christmas especially meaningful and fulfilling for us.

As 2008 rapidly comes to a close I thank God for the many things He has done in my life, our family and our church. He has truly moved and enriched our lives. I look forward to 2009 and the great things God has in store for us in the coming year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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