Zycam & Cough Drops
December 16, 2008, 2:11 pm
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Alrighty, I thought that I might be coming down with something on Sunday afternoon. I got that irritated, scratchy feeling in my throat on Sunday afternoon so I went to CVS and proceeded to get some Zycam nose gel (gross) and a bag of cough drops to fight off what might be coming my way. Zycam claims that if you start to take it at the first sign of a cold that it will get you through it quick or might even help you fend it off. Zycam says to take it for 48 hrs. after you feel the first sign and that is when it is most effective. Well I might just be a Zycam cheerleader now because it is Tuesday afternoon and I am feeling pretty good. My sore throat is gone and I seem to have no cold symptoms. I have to say I have a new favorite cough drop as well. Halls Strawberry Flavor is some menthol sweetness going on there! Anyway, at the first sign of a cold get some Zycam & Halls Strawberry and you’ll be good to go! That’s my medical advice for now. Have a happy and healthy Holiday season!


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I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Now I can give you lots of kisses! 😉

Comment by andrealoper

Who knew that Darrell Loper ever got symptons close to being sick ;o)

Glad you are well! PS cough drops are not candy!

Comment by Gina

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