Ahh, Some Peace And Quiet
November 6, 2008, 6:17 pm
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It had seemed like the world had been on hold since the summer as we waited to see who the next President would be. We have been bombarded by advertisements, speeches, speeches, (and did I say speeches?) debates, phone calls, polls, etc. etc…. since the political conventions. It’s been a crazy political season with everyone blogging and posting things on Facebook, Myspace and who knows what else. Just like I said in my last post, even though I love politics I am just weary of it all.

So to wrap things up in this political season, thank God it’s over! Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama and all the winners in this election. No matter who you voted for we need to pray for them as they lead us in government. We need to pray that God will protect them, to guide them in their decisions and to keep them ethically and morally above board. If they succeed in the governance of our great country then we succeed as well. If they fail, well, we all fail.

So it’s done and all I can say is ahh, finally some peace and quiet.


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I agree! I heard on the radio this week that the election has caused a lot of stress and that now it is over people can relax and free their minds!

I am excited to get into the holidays and all the spirit, move and joy that comes with that!!

Comment by Gina

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