“The Stresses Of Life”
September 27, 2008, 8:33 am
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The stresses of life…..whoo! There are many that each of us has. The Loper household is just like any other. Trying to manage all of the different things day in and day out. As most of you know we do not have kids yet but I do have my 76 year old mother that lives with us. That has many challenges just like having kids (If you have an adult dependent living with you then you can relate.). I love and I thank God for Mom but this has been and still is a huge adjustment for her and Andrea and I as well. Thank God that I have a loving wife that understands and overlooks a lot of inconvenience and challenges that an older mother in law living with us entails. Andrea and I love Mom to death but reality is reality and there are situations that we must navigate everyday in order for us to care for Mom. That is just part of “the stresses of life”. We are no different than any other family that deals with things every single day.

Now you add to that, the economy, the election, the war and all of the other stuff it becomes almost unbearable but, but we have a Savior that knows our struggles and cares about us because we are His children. I really do not know how a person copes with “the stresses of life” without the Lord to lean on. We live in a difficult day and age and people are breaking under the weight of it all. That’s why we need to share the love of Jesus Christ because He is the One that can help us bear the weight of life. He’s the One that we can turn to when it seems there is no one. He’s the One that tells us He will never leave or forsake us. He’s the One that knows it all, the good the bad and the ugly, and still cares deeply about us. So what’s the solution or the “pill” for “the stresses of life”? It’s Jesus, He’s the answer! Will the stresses go away? No, but He will help you through them and just when you think you can’t take anymore His peace will cover you so you can make it through!


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AMEN! Nicely said, D-Lo! Your posts always give me a nice dose of encouragement! 🙂

Comment by Stacy

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