Stop Picking Stupid Fights!
September 19, 2008, 10:33 pm
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I just read a major news story on Fox News and I just have to say a couple of sentences about it. When will mainline denominations learn to just love each other! How can we love people that don’t know Christ when we can’t even love our own brothers and sisters in Christ! No wonder the non-churched want nothing to do with us. If the mainline denominations want to know why they are in decline and are not reaching people they only need to look at themselves and their own stupid “self-righteous” things they do! Stop focusing on the NON-ESSENTIALS and start loving people. How will they recognize us? By our love for each other! Love Christ and love others and stop picking stupid fights with each other!


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imagine that… traditional denominations distracted by their own warts instead of the needs of the world around them… it’s sad really

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