The Dark Knight
July 19, 2008, 3:07 pm
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I am a fan of Batman. I remember growing up as a kid watching re-runs of the “campy” Batman TV show with Adam West & Bert Ward. I always enjoyed the show and all of the subsequent movies. Before today my favorite Batman movie was the last one with Christian Bale, “Batman Begins”. Well, I saw “The Dark Knight”, and just let me say it was incredible. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I am by no means a Batman fanatic but I like the character as much as any normal person does. I think the acting and writing in this movie was incredible and of course Heath Ledger brought a dimension to the Joker like no one has, including Jack Nickolson. I think Heath deserves an Oscar for his performance. Anyway, if you have not seen “The Dark Knight”, I would highly recommend it. It is truly what a movie should be, entertaining.


True Strength
July 16, 2008, 9:37 pm
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As most of you know I love cars. My favorite magazine is Motor Trend. In the current issue MT had a “first drive” of the brand new, “from the ground up”, Mazda 6. The last Mazda 6 had not been redesigned since 2002 and was showing it’s age compared to the mid size class of cars it competes with. Now you might say, “What does this have to do with ‘true strength’?” Well let me tie it in by quoting the first two sentences of the article.

“True strength comes from knowing your own weaknesses. While that type of insight can cause short-term pain, it also fine-tunes your focus when you need to fix what’s broken.” Obviously MT was referring to the new Mazda 6 (which got a good review) but I think its some profound insight that can be applied to any arena in life, including church-life.

C3 Church is not perfect but we are always striving to be the absolute best we can be for the glory of God! The management team at C3 is always looking for weaknesses and when we find them it can hurt but its necessary in order to make C3 Church second to none. I think that church staffs so many times are afraid to take an honest look at themselves because they are afraid of what they might see. Honest evaluation requires courage because what you find will result in hard work to correct what’s broken, and a lot of times, people just don’t want to do the hard work that fixing something requires.

So have we arrived, absolutely not, but are we strong? You bet, because true strength requires honest evaluation and honest evaluation is an integral part of C3 Church. Knowing your weaknesses and having the willingness to fix them makes C3 Church the best it can be for the glory of God!

What A Way To Start The Week! :-)
July 15, 2008, 6:00 pm
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We kicked off the sermon series “Hey Jude” on Sunday and it was great. We heard a great message by Pastor Byron on how we are kept “by”, “in” and “for” Christ. This series is going to be great as we are able to find out “who we are” in Christ.

You definitely need to check out the “Hey Jude Blog” that all of the Pastors on staff at C3 are contributing to everyday. It will kind of be like a thought for the day that goes along with the “Hey Jude” series.

I can’t wait until Sunday when we find out what else Jude has to say about our identity in Christ. Have a great week C3’ers.

iPhone Update 2.0
July 11, 2008, 1:35 pm
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As most everyone knows today the new iPhone went on sale. Also the new software update for existing iPhones, 2.0, was available for iPhone owners to download as well. Since I already got caught in the first round of iPhone craziness last year I decided I did not need the new 3G super fast iPhone. I knew that almost every feature of the new iPhone would be mine free of charge except for the 3G network and the GPS feature, which for me are not deal breakers.

Last year Apple had some glitches with hundreds of thousands phones being activated at the same time. You would think that Apple would learn lessons from last year’s roll out. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my iPhone but what went down today was nothing less then the powers that be at Apple not thinking this thing through. Today was a total melt down with people trying to activate their iPhones.

All new iPhones and all existing iPhone updates were routed to an activation process at the online iTunes store. This would have been ok had iTunes’ servers been able to handle the extreme volume of new activations plus the millions of existing owners downloading new software. As a result of iTunes servers not being able to handle the volume, thousands of people were left with partially updated iPhones that would not work. Unfortunately I was one of those thousands. My phone was offline for approximately 4 hours but I am back in business now. The updates are incredible but it was definitely a pain in the butt getting my phone back to operational status.

Customer service is not what it used to be and when you make a promise, you need to deliver the goods. I guess I got the goods, but not in a timely fashion, which kind of leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. Anyway I’m glad everything works and I still LOVE my iPhone.

Hey Jude
July 9, 2008, 8:55 am
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I have the privilege to serve on the Management Team of, in my opinion, the best church on Earth! Yes, I am biased but that’s OK. It doesn’t mean that other churches are not good it just means that I love mine the most just like I love my wife the most.

Creativity and innovation guided and led by the Holy Spirit are embraced and used to present God’s words. Not every church is led like this and so I feel fortunate that I get to work at a church that flows like this. We love “sermon series” at C3. We have done numerous series on numerous topics over the past several years ranging from the family, relationships, fears, religion, love and the list goes on and on. Each of the series we do is an in depth look at what God has to say about the particular topic and good practical application of how we can take “what God says” and integrate that into our lives.

So naturally we get excited about any (every last one of them) new sermon series that we believe will have an incredible impact in people’s lives. Which leads me to talk about the new series starting on Sunday.  Starting this week Pastor Byron will be kicking off the new sermon series entitled “Hey Jude”. This series will impact your life to the core. We are also doing something new in this series. During the week we will have a daily thought on the sermon that Pastor Byron preached on Sunday. You will be able to go to this BLOG everyday and read a post based on Pastor Byron’s sermon. Sounds pretty cool, right?

So get ready C3’ers for the sermon series, “Hey Jude”! Don’t miss it!

What An Awesome Day!
July 6, 2008, 9:51 pm
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What an awesome day at C3. The Shane & Shane/Josh Wilson/Bloodwater Mission Benefit concert was an unbelievable hit. No rain, lots of people, great family fun and great music. What else could you ask for? Thank you God for keeping the rain at bay, thanks to all of the C3 Volunteers who helped make the day a success. Thank you to Uncle Louie G’s, Barnies Coffee for setting up and being a part of our event and thanks to Avalon Park POA for the use of your awesome facilities. Thank you Shane & Shane and Josh Wilson you guys were great. Thanks to all of you who gave a donation to give a village clean water in Africa! C3, YOU ROCK!

Free Shane & Shane/Africa Benefit Concert

If you are in Orlando tomorrow evening do not miss the free Shane & Shane, Africa Benefit concert in partnership with Bloodwater Mission! It’s going to be a great C3 Church community event! See you there!