True Strength
July 16, 2008, 9:37 pm
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As most of you know I love cars. My favorite magazine is Motor Trend. In the current issue MT had a “first drive” of the brand new, “from the ground up”, Mazda 6. The last Mazda 6 had not been redesigned since 2002 and was showing it’s age compared to the mid size class of cars it competes with. Now you might say, “What does this have to do with ‘true strength’?” Well let me tie it in by quoting the first two sentences of the article.

“True strength comes from knowing your own weaknesses. While that type of insight can cause short-term pain, it also fine-tunes your focus when you need to fix what’s broken.” Obviously MT was referring to the new Mazda 6 (which got a good review) but I think its some profound insight that can be applied to any arena in life, including church-life.

C3 Church is not perfect but we are always striving to be the absolute best we can be for the glory of God! The management team at C3 is always looking for weaknesses and when we find them it can hurt but its necessary in order to make C3 Church second to none. I think that church staffs so many times are afraid to take an honest look at themselves because they are afraid of what they might see. Honest evaluation requires courage because what you find will result in hard work to correct what’s broken, and a lot of times, people just don’t want to do the hard work that fixing something requires.

So have we arrived, absolutely not, but are we strong? You bet, because true strength requires honest evaluation and honest evaluation is an integral part of C3 Church. Knowing your weaknesses and having the willingness to fix them makes C3 Church the best it can be for the glory of God!


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Only you could find spiritual meaning in Motor Trend baby! I love you!

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