Hey Jude
July 9, 2008, 8:55 am
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I have the privilege to serve on the Management Team of, in my opinion, the best church on Earth! Yes, I am biased but that’s OK. It doesn’t mean that other churches are not good it just means that I love mine the most just like I love my wife the most.

Creativity and innovation guided and led by the Holy Spirit are embraced and used to present God’s words. Not every church is led like this and so I feel fortunate that I get to work at a church that flows like this. We love “sermon series” at C3. We have done numerous series on numerous topics over the past several years ranging from the family, relationships, fears, religion, love and the list goes on and on. Each of the series we do is an in depth look at what God has to say about the particular topic and good practical application of how we can take “what God says” and integrate that into our lives.

So naturally we get excited about any (every last one of them) new sermon series that we believe will have an incredible impact in people’s lives. Which leads me to talk about the new series starting on Sunday.  Starting this week Pastor Byron will be kicking off the new sermon series entitled “Hey Jude”. This series will impact your life to the core. We are also doing something new in this series. During the week we will have a daily thought on the sermon that Pastor Byron preached on Sunday. You will be able to go to this BLOG everyday and read a post based on Pastor Byron’s sermon. Sounds pretty cool, right?

So get ready C3’ers for the sermon series, “Hey Jude”! Don’t miss it!


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