Rainyday Monday
June 2, 2008, 5:14 pm
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Rainy day Monday, well maybe just a little. It’s around 5:45pm and I am just now looking at my blog wondering what to write about. The natural thing to write about on a Monday is how church went on Sunday. That is a good topic to cover on a Monday blog but I do not feel like going into detail about Sunday. That does not mean that Sunday was not a great day. In fact it was fantastic at C3. You can check out the lowdown on Sunday on Pastor Byron’s and Pastor Barry’s blogs.

I am thinking about the rain as it is coming down hard outside at the moment. We really need the rain and a good storm and heavy rainfall is good every once in a while. I think we are starting to enter the rainy season pretty soon so it is just part of living in Central Florida. But it got me to thinking about seasons. Not only the seasons that happen every year but also the seasons of our lives.

It was interesting, Andrea and I had my mother’s Pastors, Peggy & Hugo over to have lunch with us after church yesterday. Pastors Peggy and Hugo are up there in the years now. They are both in their seventies and things are slowing down for them. They are the Pastors who’s ministry I sat under as a child and accepted Jesus and really devoted my life to God. As they are looking to retire they are somewhat sad as their main thrust of ministry looks like it is coming to a close. The small church that I was saved, baptized and grew up in is on the market and as soon as it sells Pastors Peggy and Hugo will officially retire.

I tried to be an encouragement to them as I shared how their ministries were not over or a failure but are just changing to another season. I don’t know how many people have been saved as a result of their ministry, only God knows but I do know that they have made an impact on the Kingdom of God. Even if it was only me that was saved in their ministry it would be a lasting impact for Christ. They have been in ministry for almost fifty years. It was very cool to have them over for lunch and it gave my mother such joy. But it still has me thinking about the season thing.

Some people have mourned the loss of what they feel was perhaps a flourishing ministry over the years. As we transitioned C3 Church from what it was to what it is now. Did God move ten, fifteen even twenty years ago when C3 Church existed in another form? Of course He did. Can you look back and remember some of those times? Yes you can, but what God did back five, ten, fifteen or even twenty years ago is not how God necessarily wants things to be done today. The past was great and it was how God chose to move for a season. This is a new day and a new season. God is doing something new and fresh and I am happy not to be stuck and mourning a past but moving fast forward into the future, into a new season.

So as the rain is coming down and it looks like we might be moving into a new season think back just briefly and remember that a rainy day Monday can bring about new life and new changes just like the seasons or even a fresh move of God.


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