Isn’t Love A Basic Concept?
May 29, 2008, 11:53 am
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Maybe it’s just me but I thought that loving people, especially if you are a Christ follower, is a basic concept. Then as I think more and more about this I am convinced that loving others more than we love ourselves is not a basic concept but it’s something you have to practice to become better at and it’s something that necessarily does not come natural to people.

As I look at my own life and I am honest, loving others at times is hard. Usually the reason it’s hard is because it requires that I move out of my comfort zone and actually work at reaching out. I think as a “career” Christian (my term for someone who’s been a Christian for a significant part of their life) we expect people to come to us and ask us about Jesus and why we are a Christian. I think the “church” as a whole has the mentality of a country club and we believe that people need to come to us, then convert and then look like us and then we can claim that we have “won” them to Christ. Usually there isn’t any love being given from “us” to “them” just ultimatums and expectations in order for “them” to fit in to our “club”. This is generally how it works in the “church” as a whole and the perception of a loveless church is propagated by our own actions.

This leads me to the reason I have written this blog. I saw a bumper sticker this morning that really ticked me off. The sticker read, “God doesn’t believe in Atheists”. This car also had a bumper sticker that read, “Got Jesus”. Obviously this person was a Christian but there was not any love being shown at least by the bumper stickers plastered on this person’s car. A person that does not believe in God at all should be the person that we should show the most love for in order to reach that person. Wouldn’t we want to reach that person by showing them that God loves them and wants a relationship with them? If God wants a relationship with them then wouldn’t God love them? Then if God loves them, wouldn’t He then believe in them? The last time I checked God didn’t want anyone to perish but wanted everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Him. So tell me how that telling an Atheist that God doesn’t believe in them is going to reach them and convince them that God exists and loves them and wants a relationship with them? When will Christians come down from their high horse and start showing real love to people that don’t know God?

God gave us one job as believers. Go reach the lost. And how will they know that we are His disciples? By our love for one another and our love for others. If the Atheist that reads that bumper sticker doesn’t have anyone that believes in him and loves him and you tell him that God doesn’t believe in him either then what hope does that Atheist really have? The goal is not to prove how right we are and how wrong you are, it’s to show the love of Christ. When will Christians get this basic concept? And for the record God believes in everyone whether you are an Atheist or not. God loves you whether you are an Atheist or not. God wants a relationship with you whether you are an Atheist or not. Does a Christian love you whether you’re an Atheist or not? Now that’s a whole other story. It’s funny though, being a Christian means to be like Christ. So I think that Christianity is about loving someone no matter what. Love is a basic concept that I and all Christians need to practice. If we do then love might actually win!


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This really hurts me to hear. It’s makes me realize why some people I know who are atheists don’t enjoy being around what I’ve heard them call “religious people.”

Comment by andrealoper

Right on, D-Lo! I completely agree! If only the person with the bumper sticker would realize the potential harm they may be causing. Some times people just don’t think. Drives me nuts!

Comment by Stacy

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