Indy Car Or NASCAR?
May 25, 2008, 4:46 pm
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I have always loved cars but I never got into watching auto racing. Maybe it’s because it just seems so boring to watch cars circle the track over and over. So in the spirit of the Indianapolis 500 and some NASCAR Race, somewhere, I would love some input on this subject. For me, I think that I would gravitate more toward Indy Car where the cars are more exotic (Ferrari, Mecedes etc.) vs. NASCAR where the cars are just plain (Toyota, Chevy, Ford etc.). I also believe that Indy Cars are faster. You can correct me if I’m wrong. So convince me. Should I like Indy Car or NASCAR? Oh yeah, Danica did not win the 500 today so all the ladies will have to wait until next year for a chance for your girl to win the biggest auto race in the world.


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first off, no one on planet earth likes Danica Patrick, so it’s good she lost and threw another fit.
Yea, Indy is faster, and the cars are more ‘exotic’ but it’s less of a sport really, it’s so technology based, it’s much less about the driver and much more about the car. Takes the athleticism out of it. I’m not saying they aren’t talented, they are, just NASCAR drivers have a different level of it. (Hence, a lot of NASCAR driver can do Indy, and it doesn’t work as well the other way around)
Honestly, if you don’t know the rules to the sport, it is really boring, kind of like if you don’t understand football, then its just guys running and colliding, and then lining back up and doing it again. But obviously, theres more to it. Ity would take me waaaay too long to explain the rules and what all is really happening, it took me about a season to figure it out just watching it on my own. But, regardless, NASCAR is way better than Indy. There is more drama with the drivers, more rivalries, stuff like that, plus the racing is usually more intense, and they can rough each other up because of the way the cars are built. Not gonna lie, some tracks are booooring, like California and Pocono, but Talladega, Daytona, Bristol, Darlington, and some others are crazy.
If your ever going to like watching racing, you have to have someone to cheer for, otherwise it really is just cars going in circles.
Either way, Indy, or NASCAR you have to know all the rules and what all is going on during a race, and the signifigance of all of it to like it. I know very little about Indy, so, I say you should like NASCAR. 🙂

Comment by Katie

Nascar drivers can do INDY but Indycar drivers can’t do nascar?? Wow… must have forgot that andretti and aj won the daytona 500……and when was the last nascar driver to win indy? I don’t remember fangio, mansell, or piquet (these guys were champions, not has-beens who can’t get a ride next year like montoya) coming to nascar from formula one. You say indycar is less intense? well considering the last few championships have been won on the LAST lap of the LAST race of the year, without a “chase” format to keep it close, I don’t understand your reasoning. Indy car less athletic? Remember, the faster you corner the more g forces you generate, plus indycars don’t always get the benefit of high banking at most tracks. Indycar is simple……pure brutal performance, they don’t give breaks to anybody. Top level racecars are supposed to be thoroughbreds and high tech, not old tanks.

Comment by Thomas

Indy racing is faster but its also boring. The races at Nascar are way more exciting. Pit stategies and tires and/or when not to get tires makes it better.

I can probably list 100 reasons why Nascar has passed Indy cars rankings over the years.

Comment by Vinny

There are NASCAR fans, and there are racefans. NASCAR fans go to the track to see wrecks and there favorite driver, race fans will watch the start of damn near any racing. Nascars are slow, and booring. I don’t understand how people find bumper cars exciting. Indycars back in 2000 would race wheel to wheel at 240 plus. Anybody who thinks NASCAR is more exciting just plain isn’t a race fan.

Comment by danny

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