Lead Or Follow?
May 21, 2008, 8:27 am
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My wife Andrea & I were talking about different situations that we have been through over the past several years and my wife made a very profound statement that I wanted to highlight in this blog and discuss. She stated that, “How does someone expect to lead if they can’t even follow?” When you pose that question, it comes down to the foundational blocks of leadership and it’s pretty profound.

This is not a “which came first, the chicken or the egg” kind of a question. In order for a person to be a good leader at some point in their lives or career they had to be a good follower. Then it stands to reason all good leaders have to get the following down before they can step into a leadership role. Being a good follower is a prerequisite to being a good leader.

So many times, especially in church life I’ve seen people constantly trying to step out into that leadership position without getting the basics of following down. Whether you are a member or staff member this rings true. Until you can get behind your Pastor and support him (which is the Biblical model) and the vision that God has given him, in the easy times and through the tough times, you will never be a good leader. When a person tries to leap frog the process of following and go straight to leading it will always, always end up being a train wreck.

Some might say, “Well, I disagree with what he is doing.” or “I just can’t respect his leadership.” or “He won’t do what I want or listen too me.” When you say that, well you know what? YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING, you are trying to lead. God has ordained the leaders in your life for whatever purpose He is trying to accomplish in you. Whether it’s your boss, team-mate or Pastor, you really should check your pride and your attitude and follow.

The solution or lesson that God is trying to teach you is not to cut and run so you can impose your “leadership” abilities somewhere else. Maybe He’s trying to teach you, loyalty, faithfulness, confidence, trust, perseverance, just a few qualities of a good leader. And let me say that without a little pain, a little fire, a little trial that none of these qualities will be cultivated in your life.

So before we proclaim ourselves leaders let’s hope we get the following down. The disciples needed to get the following down before they could turn the world upside down with their leadership in the first century. They were definitely tested and tried for the road that they would have to walk after Jesus left their presence. A true leader needs some grit and guts. I just think about men like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King and the profound mark that they left on history. These were men who earlier in their careers were good followers and it made them great men who would never think of “cut and running”. So it really isn’t a “which came first” kind of question, it is more of a “are you or are you not” kind of question. Are you a good follower? If leadership is your destiny then following is your teacher. “How does someone expect to lead if they can’t even follow?”


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Comment by Yaneisy

Good words!! May I link to this post from my blog?

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