May 20, 2008, 4:20 pm
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Tuesdays are usually a crazy day. Today we had staff & production meetings and we are also taping a video of one of our great C3 Church members at our home. So meetings this morning and cleaning this afternoon so our house looks good for the taping. Actually Andrea stayed home from work today so things could get done and also that I might be able to spend some time with her.

Over the past several weeks Andrea has been working very hard trying to build up her free-lance make-up artist business so that when we do have children at some point she can take a step back from her full-time retail position and work more from the home. My wife works so hard for us and really helps me out. Contrary to some people’s opinions, the majority of people in full-time ministry are not rich and just like most people, it takes two incomes to live comfortably. I am so fortunate to have a wife that is willing to contribute to help make the life that we live possible.

God really blessed me with a wife that understands all of the pressures of life in full-time ministry and is a constant support for me and one of the biggest cheerleaders for C3 Church. My wife loves ministry as much as I do. I know that working in the secular world can be challenging but I am so proud of the impact she is making in peoples lives out in the secular environment in which she works.

Days like today can be challenging but a wife like Andrea makes days like Tuesday worth it. To see my wife loving God and loving others is an inspiration and strength to my soul. Sometimes I wish I could just have as much passion and boldness that she has reaching out to others. Her zeal and enthusiasm are infectious and really helps me when I am under the pressures of ministry. Unfortunately I don’t have Andrea with me every Tuesday so I’ll enjoy having her help me today with another crazy Tuesday.


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That is the sweetest post ever honey! I love you and I’m very happy to spend my Tuesday and my forever with you!

Comment by andrealoper

this is the most precious thing i have ever read! God is amazing… just look at you two! 🙂

Comment by alana fones

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