We Can Do So Much More
May 10, 2008, 8:55 am
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Just like my wife and I, I am sure everyone else that helped with the food drop sponsored by C3 Church & Feed the Children, are processing and thinking about how to described what happened yesterday morning. I will definitely share my personal thoughts and images from yesterday in the next blog but I wanted to focus on a different aspect in this service project that was vital in order for it to even happen.

As Pastor Byron wrapped up the series “Big & Rich” a few weeks ago I was thinking about the 90 for 90 challenge that was placed before us and what an impact in our lives and the church as a whole it is making. I grew up in church and bringing my faith offering (tithe) is second nature to me. I can remember as a young boy putting my 10 cents in an envelope when I would receive my dollar allowance each week. So it is just something I do without giving it a thought. God has blessed my family beyond what I could have imagined. When I got married five years ago it was not even a discussion between Andrea & I. Once again it was just something we did that came natural. Now that brings me to yesterday.

While handing out the food I was thinking we had a ton of it and hopefully enough people would show up to get some. As it turns out one semi trailer of food was not even close to the need that exists right here in Orlando. At about 10:45am yesterday after only 45 minutes of officially handing out food I started to realize we would be running out. By 11:00am it was gone. During those last 15 minutes all I could say was, “I wish we had more food to give out.” What we did as a church was great but we could have done so much more. I was just thinking if every single person at C3 were doing the 90 for 90 challenge we could have easily have had 3 semi trailers of food instead of just one. I was just sad because C3 Church has the potential of making a huge impact in all peoples’ lives right here in Orlando. Having to turn people away as they came to get food because there wasn’t any more was heart wrenching.

Giving to C3 Church and bringing our “faith gift”, our “generous gift” and our “extravagant gift” isn’t just something to do because Andrea & I have done all of our lives. It’s an opportunity to fund a mission to “Connect the Community with Christ”. It’s an opportunity to bring Christ to Orlando and to see lives changed in the process. I am glad that Andrea & I have the opportunity to give and be a part of something that’s much, much bigger than ourselves. It’s a God movement! Loving God, loving others! 90 for 90 helps us do just that. Praise God! Love Wins!


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