Let Folks Go
May 2, 2008, 11:36 am
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Letting go is hard. Letting go is even harder when the thing that you must let go of is a person. I have learned since I have entered the “ministry” back in 03′ that you as a Pastor or a minister will end up making people mad at you no matter if you are right and they are wrong. Even if you apologize and ask forgiveness sometimes for stuff that might not even be your fault. Even if you try to do what the Bible says and ask forgiveness from a brother or sister that you know has a problem with you even if you don’t have a problem with them. It does not matter if you are the nicest Pastor in the world, sometimes people are so inward focused that no matter what you do or say, if you do not meet up to their expectations of what kind of a Pastor, minister or friend you are supposed to be then you and your relationship mean nothing to them. It is in these circumstances that after you have met your Biblical, Christian obligation to reconcile with them that you then must let that person go.

It might seem cold and callous but unless you let people go it will eat you up inside emotionally till you have nothing left to give to your family, friends and the people that still call you Pastor, brother and friend. Is letting go of people easy? No, but it is a calculated choice you as a Pastor must do so that you can be effective in the Kingdom of God.

Is letting go of a person a one time thing? No, it is a choice you have to make more than once if you are grieving over the loss that you feel from a relationship that can not be restored. Why am I blogging about this right now? Well I am feeling loss right now. Personally there is a friendship that looks like I have no other choice than to let go of. Did this particular person do something really bad or ugly too me? No, but it looks as though this person, because of whatever reasons they have, want nothing more to do with me even though I have no ill feelings toward this person. So, I chalk it up to my role as a Pastor or minister and the call that God has given too me. Sometimes the loss and burdens that Pastors bear are just that, our burdens to bear. It comes with the territory.

So all of that to say this. Letting go is just so dang hard. I just need to listen to Tyler Perry’s character Madea in his play “Madea Goes To Jail”. Madea: “Let Folks Go!”  And wouldn’t you know it? Usually the best advice is the hardest to hear. Let folks go.


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Gotta love Madea- She is so wise. She also said if it walk like a duck and quack like a duck…AFLAC! 🙂 She rocks!

Comment by Monica Hunt

Same thing is true for people who aren’t Pastors or Ministers. It’s really tough to let go. Especially when you cherish the relationship.

Comment by Dave

We all have great relationships through each season of life. Sometimes they last our whole life, sometimes they end, and sometimes they come around again. There is great comfort however in knowing that there is one relationship that will always last for those who know Christ. Knowing that he will always stick closer than a brother no matter how bad we mess up is such an awesome promise. But beyond that, he will often fill they void left by our loss with something that may turn out to be a blessing we would have otherwise missed.

Comment by Blaine

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