Shrimp Pasta
April 28, 2008, 5:40 pm
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I must say I am proud of myself this evening. I try to cook. You noticed I said, “I try to cook”. Usually when I cook it is ok. Chef Ramsey I am sure would shout a whole string of obscenities if he tasted my cooking. It’s not bad it’s just not great sometimes. Usually it’s because I experiment when I cook. So tonight I did a little experimenting. We had some frozen shrimp in the freezer so I thawed them and then put some olive oil, white cooking wine, garlic, parsley and a stick of butter in a pan and proceeded to scampi the shrimp. Once I knew the shrimp were thoroughly scampi-ed I then added the pasta sauce and mixed it all together and then put it over vermicelli. It was my favorite thing I have cooked in a while. Andrea and Mom loved it too. Although I wouldn’t even make the first cut for “Top Chef” or even darken the door of the “Iron Chef” studio I was proud of what I fixed tonight. My cat even liked the shrimp. Eat your heart out Chef Ramsey!

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It was delish and yummo!

Comment by andrea


Like the new look of the pg!

Comment by ginazugelder

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