Something To Be Proud Of
April 24, 2008, 9:27 am
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Ok, I know I haven’t blogged all week but I’ve been kind of busy you know. Sometimes it’s good to just give people a break from all of my ramblings as well.
Yesterday was a busy day. After running around accomplishing some things that needed to be done I made my way over to the Portable Church Industries/National Cinemedia portion of the Exponential Conference held at Cinemark Movie Theater over at Festival Bay Mall. C3 Church was asked by PCI to set up our church at Cinemark for all the conventioneers to see as an example of how a portable church could be done in a theater environment.

Obviously we had a skeleton crew to set things up but we got it done and the C3 band went to town playing & singing for the conventioneers as they walked through to see church in a theater. There was then a session of questions & answers in which Pastor Byron was on the stage sharing pertinent information on how to do church in a movie theater. The questions were great and Pastor Byron did a great job of answering them. Just sitting back and watching everything come together from the set up, to Pastor Byron communicating as only he can do, to Barry Leathers fielding questions, to all of us pitching in to help answer questions the church planters had and then to tear it all down made me feel proud to be part of a church that wants to give back.

To be a part of a church that has a vision that is not self centered but others centered makes me proud. All of you C3ers out there can stand and be proud of your church. Be proud that God is moving and working through us. We must also be humbled at the same time because it is totally a God thing. So no matter what you might hear said between people who don’t get what we do at C3 like an example from a friend and a C3er who heard two people criticizing C3 and have not been there to see it for themselves, stand tall and proud of your Church just like my friend. Remember y’all, Satan and his missiles don’t get lobbed at churches that are not getting it done for Christ. We must be doing something right or we would not feel the opposition we do at times. It’s ok to be proud of our church. Let me just say as the Connections Pastor at C3 Church. I am proud of you. You are the ones reaching out to others and you are the ones that are allowing God to do something wonderful and powerful through you. You are Connecting the Community with Christ. Now that is something to be proud of!


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