Jesus & American Idol 2
April 12, 2008, 8:12 am
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Alright you might be asking yourself why is Darrell posting this again? When I first posted it I was surprised that American Idol did a Christian song but I did not realize until I went on youtube that they had done the song the previous night (our dvr cut off the night before too soon while recording). Now it is my understanding and after seeing both night’s versions that the first night was a little different than the second. The first night the producers replaced “My Jesus, my Savior” with “My Shepherd, my Savior”. So I have posted the second night’s performance here. Now you might say but why post this again?

The reason is this. The buzz in the Christian community is that everyone is outraged and upset because the producers changed the words on the first night. Let me just get this out of the way and say it. I know this is going to make some people mad but it is the truth. Why are some Christians just so uptight and have to complain about every little bloomin’ thing that comes along that might not line up with how “they” think things “ought” to be? Come on guys, what happened to the “cup is half full” instead of the “cup is half empty”? Nothing un-Biblical or un-scriptural happened with Shout to the Lord. The whole point of this is that the producers of American Idol did not have to do a Christian song AT ALL. It is a miracle that one of the highest rated prime-time TV shows in Hollywood would do anything that REMOTELY has to do with God in the first place. The complaints from the Christian community illustrate why non-Christians don’t want anything to do with Christ or the church. All they see is hate spewing from Christians. No joy, no love, no compassion absolutely nothing positive. Then Christians wonder why no one wants to join them at their hate-fests on Sunday mornings.

So I say hooray for the producers of American Idol. I as a Christian stand and applaud you for your song choice on BOTH nights. I am sure that God used your decisions to touch someone’s life that needed it. God was glorified on both nights. And for you Christian complainers out there. Get off your stinkin’ butts, get your minds off of yourselves and start caring for people and reaching out in love instead of being so hateful. If you were trying to reach the lost as much as you are complaining about what’s wrong with the world we might just have more people joining us someday in heaven and we might have a little more joy down here on the Earth. So I say again, Shout to Lord!


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I agree with you! Honestly, when I watched and listened I did not even notice the change in lyrics because I was so wrapped up in the moment – the beautiful music and how exciting it was to “shout to the Lord” on American Idol!

Enjoy your Saturday!

Comment by ginazugelder

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