Jesus & American Idol
April 10, 2008, 8:29 pm
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As I watched American Idol tonight I was floored. The opening song on national TV tonight with all of the idols singing with a choir to back them up was none other than Shout To The Lord. Can you believe that Shout To The Lord is so well known that it has made its way into pop culture? It was awesome that American Idol was like a church service to kick things off tonight. I guess that Shout To The Lord is the Amazing Grace of our time. I am for anything that gives glory to God especially when it’s on Prime-Time national TV. Jesus & American Idol let’s Shout To The Lord!


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How amazing, huh?!?! I just posted about it this morning because they ended the show last night with Shout to the Lord, too.

God is working 🙂


Comment by Neil

That is amazing – cannot believe that we did not get to watch it. Bry and I both have class on Thursday nights!

Comment by ginazugelder

It was soooo amazing to see them singing that song on tv!!! They ended the show Wednesday night with it and it made me cry – it was so beautiful, then to see them open up another show with it was just that much better. It was so moving and I really felt a sense of relief that America still recognizes God and is not afraid to show it…sometimes with all the bad media out there you do not get to see all the good there is in our World. I thought it was a nice show and it made me happy! Great post!

Comment by Dina

Darrell…I completely agree with you. Plus….isn’t Shepherd another name for Jesus? I mean if the people who complained took the time to realize this….Jesus IS our Shepherd. God is BIGGER than our words….He can reach those people He wants to reach even if American Idol sings Shepherd instead of Jesus.

Comment by Jessica Pulver Albright

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