April 8, 2008, 8:40 am
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God has made us as individuals and not as a collective. Each of us possesses our own unique personalities and character traits as an individual. So those individuals that are not particularly merciful or understanding or might be so focused and driven that nothing can stop them when they are on a mission might not fully relate to what I am going to say. On the other hand, that doesn’t mean you won’t understand or learn from what I am going to say.

Nice people or perhaps people with the dominant spiritual gift of mercy are sometimes perceived as something that they are not. I will agree that in any organization a strong central figure or leader is needed to cast vision and to get things done in a timely fashion. An organization with someone that is “nice” or “merciful” at the helm will have a harder time accomplishing changes and initiatives quickly than say a person that is considered a “hard nose”. Now I know I am painting with broad strokes here but just stick with me. Here is where I think that perceptions get skewed a little. Just because a person is nice and merciful and might not be the best at leading the charge it does not mean that person is not strong.

There is a saying that “nice guys finish last”. I don’t think that is true. You define how you are perceived. You and God set the goals and accomplish what you desire in your life. Personally I have a very merciful bent and I guess people consider me a nice guy. That does not mean I am weak though. When God places a desire and drive in your heart it does not matter what kind of personality you have because His strength is what holds you up and sustains you. My strength runs deep only through the current of the Holy Spirit that is racing in my soul. So for anyone that might think that nice equals weak. You are wrong! NICE DOES NOT EQUAL WEAK.

You and God define who you are. Other people do not define you. If you are a “nice guy” then be proud of who you are but never let a person classify you as weak or lacking resolve. You can be nice and merciful and still stand for what you believe. Play to your strengths but let the Holy Spirit be that strong underlying current that runs deep. And remember the promise in God’s word to you, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”


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You are the strongest man I know. I feel the safest when you’re around. The way in which you love without condition, endure without wavering, and encourage without motive is a constant reminder of why I love you so much. God gave me the best husband ever!

Comment by andrealoper

That’s right.
In fact, many thought Jesus was weak. That is until the tomb was found empty … hahaha…

Comment by The jessy

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