A Supporting Role Pt. 4
March 24, 2008, 9:08 am
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This post will be the last in a series of posts dealing with my views on how to make the most of your position as a Pastor in a supporting role. I know my last post in this series was particularly lengthy so I promise not to be as wordy in this post.

The last three posts dealt with our calling number one, becoming a yes man number two and number three, loyalty. This last post is going to deal with the attitude of “whatever it takes”. Unless you have the previous three pieces of the puzzle down this fourth and final piece is going to be difficult for you. The attitude of “whatever it takes” ties in directly to the way that you view your calling.

If you view your calling as a call to a specific area only, then when your Senior Pastor asks you to do something out of your area you are going to freak out and have the attitude, “that’s not my job”. This is what happens many times in churches where a support Pastor feels called only to “his” area. This also fosters an atmosphere of a support Pastor forming his “own” little church within a church because he is so attached to his own little group of people or ministry. This also hinders unity within the staff and hinders the vision from being accomplished. If you have your call in the proper perspective you will have an attitude to do whatever it takes to get the vision accomplished even if that means doing jobs that might not “fit” within what you perceive as your mission within the church you serve.

I have been blessed to have an example of this kind of attitude by a close friend and brother that serves with me on the Management Team here at C3 Church. My friend’s name is Travis Conrad. I really aspire to be like him as I have seen him operate as a member of the Pastoral Staff with a tremendous attitude to do whatever it takes. Travis is currently serving as the Community Groups Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor and heads up our set up and tear down crew. He has also been in the role of Education Pastor, College Pastor, Singles Pastor and probably some role I am forgetting. My friend works so hard for C3 week end and week out. I have never, and I say never, have heard him complain one time about how hard he works or how many jobs he has. I know my friend spins many plates at the same time but he always has a great attitude to do whatever it takes to accomplish the vision at C3 Church. This is the kind of example of what it means to be a Pastor in a support role with the proper perspective on your calling. Travis is called to work for C3 Church not just an area of interest or skill set.

So take a look at your calling, your desire to be a yes man, your loyalty to the Senior Pastor and the vision of the church and check your attitude to do whatever it takes if you want to have a fulfilling job as a support Pastor. Do I claim to know everything there is about being a Pastor in a support role? No. Do I get everyone of these points right all of the time? No. But I believe that part of my role and responsibility as a Pastor at C3 Church is to continue to improve so that the vision is carried out. When your Senior Pastor sees that you are doing your best and have the vision of the church as your priority he will allow you to grow as you serve. Your Senior Pastor will help you when you don’t get it right and will encourage you as you continue to improve in your role. No one is perfect and your Senior Pastor knows it but when you have your role as a support Pastor in the proper perspective your Senior Pastor will be your biggest cheerleader. Not only that but you will have the satisfaction to know that you have done your best for the Lord. How could any of us give anything less to our God who gave everything for us?

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You go, Darrell!! What a powerful series!! (What a lot of words, you must be worn out ;o)

Comment by ginazugelder

I can’t remember the name of the book, but I think it was “how to keep the pastor you love” or maybe it was “bless the heart of your pastor” but either one, I learned something I had forgotten sometime ago and rediscovered again within the last two and a half years … and that is this: Pastor’s are people, too.
It sadens me when people forget it, including myself. I pray I never forget it.

Comment by The jessy

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