A Supporting Role Pt. 1

Pastor Byron has written many blogs about leadership and in fact is in a series of blogs right now sharing specific examples of good leadership principles for Senior Pastors and others that are in a leadership role. Pastor Barry our Executive Pastor has also written blogs dealing with leadership principles. I thought it might be helpful to write some blogs that deal with the proper perspective that a Pastor that is in a support role should have about himself and the role in the ministry in which he serves. Having a support role in the middle of a church in transition has a different perspective than say a Senior Pastor or even an Executive Pastor. Having a healthy perspective about ones role as a support Pastoral position is essential for the health of the church and the vision that God has given the Senior Pastor.

Yesterday in a staff meeting Pastor Byron expressed his views on how a Pastor should view his “call to ministry” to the church or ministry in which he is serving. I totally agree with Pastor Byron’s view on this subject and I think that it is the first and most vital piece of the puzzle of a fulfilling and successful role as a support pastor. The first basic question that a support pastor must answer is what ministry or vision has God called you to?

Now you might be thinking I am talking about trying figure out if you are called to youth ministry, children’s ministry, worship ministry, education ministry etc.. That is not what I am talking about. I do believe that God gives everyone specific talents and gifts that you as a person would feel very comfortable working with to advance the cause of Christ. There is nothing wrong with knowing your strengths and using them but I think we create a box that we think that God can only work in with skill set that we posses. Take a look at Moses. The Bible tells us that when God called Moses to lead the children of Israel to freedom from Egypt that Moses recognized that his skill set did not exactly match up with what God had in mind. In fact the Bible tells us that Moses was slow of speech. This could have meant that he stuttered or might have been terrified of speaking in public. Even with Moses’ skill set, God used him to be a statesman for the children of Israel and proclaim the message of God to the supreme leader of Egypt to “Let my people go.” So all that to say this. I don’t believe that God calls us to specific areas such as youth, children, music etc. as much as I think he calls us as Pastors to a ministry (church or organization) or vision he has given the Senior Pastor that is over us.

I know that this is contrary to how a “view to a call” is traditionally subscribed to but I think that this is the reason that so many Pastors in a support role pick up and move around to so many different churches and are frustrated in their roles in the ministries that they find themselves. So the first key to a fulfilling role as a support Pastor is to recognize what church, organization or vision that God has called you to, not necessarily what area or skill set you think that you are best suited for.


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I totally agree. You’re so wise! 🙂 It is incredibly exciting and fulfilling to be a part of a church that approaches a call to ministry from a holistic perspective. It truly isn’t about focusing on one area but focusing on the effectiveness of the church as a whole. I’m so thankful for the entire staff’s heart to serve “wherever and whenever!”

Comment by andrealoper

Well said! It is great to observe your as the example – not getting stuck in music ministry but allowing God to cultivate your role at C3 as needed.

Our skills will never match the challenge that God has in store for us – He has a bigger picture than we do of ourselves! I have learned that in my life as an educator!

Comment by Gina

I agree. I have a tendancy to compartmentalize my gifts, talents and strengths and by doing so I close myself off to many areas God can use me in as well as be effective in the areas God already has me in.
Thanks for the Moses reminder … Good one. I hadn’t thought about it that way.

Comment by The jessy

[…] maturity that very few possess. He has it, and our staff has it. You’ve got to check it out here and here. Then keep reading as he posts […]

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I know I am late in joining the conversation. But you have made a very good point. I think it applies not just to pastors but to church members as well. You have to look at where God has called you to be first, then you look at what God is telling you to do.

Comment by imgladyouasked

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