It’s OK
March 18, 2008, 4:05 pm
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Sometimes it’s just hard to give things to God. The Lord teaches us things as we are in this process of becoming more like Him. Sometimes when you think you have learned your lessons or you are over something, a part of you wants to go back and pick it up. It is in those times you have to make a choice. The choice is to either grab a hold of the thing that once had you bound and tied up or to leave it right where it is, at the feet of Jesus. You can make the choice to let the Holy Spirit speak freedom to your soul or let the enemy talk to your heart and listen to the lies that he spews. This is where unexpectedly I found myself this afternoon. I had two voices talking to me this afternoon. One was trying to get me to pick up something that I have had to lay at the feet of Jesus and the other voice was that of the Holy Spirit speaking to my heart telling me “it’s ok”. Now before you think I’m crazy these voices were not audible, they were just strong feelings tugging at my heart. I am no different than any other human that walks on this earth. Even though I am a pastor I also have struggles that I must fight against through the power of the Holy Spirit. The thing I have been dealing with lately is something that I thought I had no problem with but clearly God has revealed I need to work on. I am going to be honest with everyone and just say that I am a prideful and insecure person. God is truly helping me overcome my weaknesses, but it is only because I am making the choice to let the Holy Spirit work on me that I am making any headway at all. It is true that in our weakness God makes us stronger. When we choose to listen to the Lord and let Him help us it is like a weight that is lifted off of our souls. So today I chose to listen to the Holy Spirit as He spoke to my heart and told me “it’s ok”. I am so glad God knows everything we are going through and gives us exactly what we need without us having to say one word. Thank You Lord! It’s OK!


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I absolutely love what you had to say. The way you share yourself in a raw manner is admirable and inspiring. You’re right; you’re human! We all are, regardless of the walks we take in life. My prayer for you is that God meets you in your struggle; it’s my prayer for everyone, including me. When He meets us in our struggle, especially those that keep coming back to “haunt” us, it makes it so much easier to make that choice.

Thanks for the words of wisdom, buddy.


Comment by doctorzu

Powerful!! It is amazing how the “struggles” that we carry, battle and feel like we have conquered find there way back into our lives! It reminds me of the seromon from Sunday – how we can be our own worst enemey! Continue to fight the fight and run to the Holy Spirit.

(I am so glad that you clarified the voices were not audible ;o)

Comment by Gina

I love this and yes it’s so raw. Insecurity is a tough battle, because you feel at times alone in it. ALthough it effects alot of people. I find myself because I am in ministry that I more visible and have to HIDE these insecurites and I don’t deal with them until they surface their ugly head. Maybe I am the only one.

But I do love that the Holy Spirit is in CONTROL today..

Comment by Heidi

Good blog. One of my good friends, as I reflected on something I just couldn’t seem to forgive myself for, said, ‘God forgave you and sent it to the depths of the ocean. Why are you diving down after it? The ocean is so deep, you risk your life going to its depths.’
It was a great visual for me, although I still forget it sometimes. I think I might go find a picture from an oceanographic book and hang it up somewhere to remember.

Comment by The jessy

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