March 17, 2008, 1:05 pm
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39. What can I say? I really used to think as a young kid that I would never be this old. I always thought that God would have come back before now. It seems like yesterday I was only 18. That’s funny too, because I can remember “older” folks saying that when I turned 18 and I just thought they were crazy. I guess life just has a way of getting back at you. At least I married a young beautiful woman 4 1/2 years ago. That will keep me young. And who knows maybe I’ll become a father in my 39th year. To all of my friends who have wished me a happy B-day. Thanks. To Byron who always likes to make fun of my age, you’re only a year behind me and I look considerably younger than you. The facts are just the facts. So here’s to 39 years and to the next 39.


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Happy Birthday, Darrell!! Hope that you enjoyed your fun night out – especially the cake! One thing I can say is that we do seem to get better with age – who know what when are in our early twenties that we these friendships would grow and we would now be hitting our later thirties!! Scary!! We did a good job with marrying younger spouses!! (Glad I still am a few years behind ;o)

Comment by ginazugelder

You get hotter with every year baby! I love you soooooooo much words can’t even express it! When I get home I’m gonna… Write a blog about you and I can’t wait! 😉

Comment by andrealoper

Hope you’re having a great birthday D Lo!

Comment by Monica H.

Wow. 39. Ouch. I’m 35 and am still amazed every year… I actually forget how old I am. That’s when my son reminds me just how old I am … It get’s so much better with every year.

Comment by The jessy

Happy B-Day Darrell!!! I just celebrated mine yesterday (the big 27!) March is a great month!!! :o) Hope your enjoying your BIG day!!! May this year hold many wonderful, blessed things for you!

Comment by Dina B.

You may only be a year older than Byron, but you have two years on me grandpa…lol. And, I think I look younger than both of you!

Comment by Steve

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