Egg On My Car
March 13, 2008, 10:23 pm
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What’s wrong with the world? That is a rhetorical question. I know what’s wrong but I just needed to ask. Last night around 9pm Andrea and I were driving northbound on Alafaya Trail and then we suddenly got hit with something that splattered all over the windshield.

An hour later we arrived back at home and I proceeded to wash off whatever it was that hit my car. I noticed that there was a very bad smell but I still had not put two & two together. Today I took my car to Images Car wash to get it professionally cleaned. Upon inspection of my car I then noticed this rather large round mark on the hood. I thought maybe that some damage was done in the car wash so I proceeded to talk to the manager about it.

When he saw my car his first statement out of his mouth was that my car looked like it got egged. He then asked me did it stink? Up to this point I had said nothing about what happened to my car last night. I then obviously put two & two together. The manager said that he had seen this many times before.

What happens is that the raw egg gets on the car and proceeds to cook and then actually damages the paint. Since my car had been running for a while, the hood was especially hot. When the egg was thrown it hit the hood first, shattered and then splattered onto the windshield. The spot on the hood that was struck by the egg was damaged badly. The paint was actually stripped down to the metal. My hood will have to be repainted.

Next to God, my wife, family, friends & C3 Church I love my car. I’m a car guy and my black Mercedes C-class sport is my pride & joy. I could not believe it? So thanks to State Farm, my car will be repaired and back to looking like new next week. Oh well, I know it’s just a car but its my baby. Who would have thought a raw egg could cause so much damage. I don’t know what I would rather have? Egg on my face or Egg on my car. For me I think the face would be better.


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Comment by Gina

For some reason I’m in the mood for an omlette.


Comment by barry

Happy Birthday to You. At least it wasn’t ________? I’ll tell you in person!

Comment by leighann24

Hey, Andrea told me about that and i forgot to give her one of my husband’s business cards … Give him a call. He can save you some money on your deductable. Its 407-314-0693. Sorry about that.

Comment by The jessy

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