A Simple Man
March 1, 2008, 11:35 am
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Today eight years ago my father, Dallas B. Loper died. It is always a tough day for my mom and me. My dad died from complications from Alzheimer’s disease. The disease and what it did to my dad are not what I remember about him. So I want to share a little about his life for those who never got a chance to meet him and to know the great and man that he was.

Dad served this country in the military during WW2. He was in the Army & Navy. He never talked much about his WW2 days but I know he went through a lot and survived. At his funeral a full compliment of army personnel traveled from GA to be pallbearers and do a gun salute, play taps and present the American flag to my mother and I. We only requested a military presentation of a flag and what we ended up with was so much more than expected. It was the most memorable part of his funeral. I remember as the funeral procession pulled into the cemetery and I saw the military personnel there in their full dress uniforms to honor my dad and his sacrifice, I was beyond emotional (I’m emotional now, just writing about it). I am in debt to those men whose names I do not know, that made my dad’s sacrifice to his country so memorable. He was a simple man who loved his country.

My dad raised me to love God and was a great example of what a Godly man should be. I obviously did not know him in his younger years, but my mom tells me he had a colorful life to say the least. The most important thing is that he left his crazy life behind and started a new one with the Lord in 1969. I can remember him working hours at the little church I grew up in, in his spare time. He would fix whatever needed to be fixed and repaired and he did it with such great joy. I can remember him mowing and doing the yard work at the church. He would open the church on Sundays and Wednesdays and even fill the water glass for the Pastor every service. He was a simple man who loved to work for God with his hands.

My dad was an ordained deacon and had the privilege of baptizing me after I prayed to receive Christ. I can remember him doing the ceremony when I was only seven years old. I was a little scared but he did a great job of baptizing me in a lake here in Orlando. I can remember him teaching Sunday School on occasion and writing notes religiously in his Bible from the messages that were preached. I can remember seeing him pray, how his arms would go up and his open hands would reach out to God. He was a simple man who loved God with all of his heart.

I can remember my dad working on cars. He was an auto mechanic and loved working on cars. He had a 1970 Cadillac Sedan de Ville that I can remember him working on so many times. He drove that car until it wouldn’t go anymore. We were poor but dad always was able to provide for my mom and I through his skills as an auto mechanic. We didn’t have much but we had love. Dad was just a simple man who loved and provided for my mom and I.

I can remember that he loved mom so much. He was such a great example of what a husband and dad should be. He would sacrifice so many times to provide mom with things that she would want and need. Even in his latter years he was concerned with the welfare of mom. Dad was just a simple man who loved his wife more than anything.

So I know that dad is in heaven today free from the worry and care of this life. Even though my dad was just a simple man he was a great man as well. His legacy and memory lives on in me and I just hope that I am able to make him proud of me. I hope that I am able to be as good of a husband and father as he was too my mom and me. I hope that I can be a simple man just like my dad. Dad I miss you and love you!


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It is hard to believe that 8 years have passed! I did not get to know your dad before he was affected by Alzheimer’s but the stories from your and your mom truly explain the deep love you have for him. I too remember the awesome of the salute that the military presented in honor of your dad at the funeral. We send love and prayers to you and your mom today!

Comment by Gina

Your dad sounds like a great man and I think he would be incredibly proud of the man,husband, and son you are!:)

Comment by kayleighannah

What a great and loving tribute to a wonderful man. Even though I never met him I know him through you. You are an amazing testament to your father! I love you!

Comment by andrealoper

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree…..

Comment by Colleen Wilson

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