Thoughts From Texas
February 26, 2008, 9:09 am
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c3-bg-main.jpgOur flight landed at Orlando International on Saturday around 12:20pm. They did not find my luggage until 2:15pm. How can you lose luggage on a direct flight? Well, Robbie Robison’s was lost on the way to Texas and he had a direct flight so I guess it stands to reason that it could happen too me and it did. The airline that will remain nameless told me that they were sorry but eight flights all landed within ten minutes of each other and in the mountain of luggage mine just happen to get mixed up. Oh well, the only thing I wanted to do was to get home because I was tired but that is life and you have to take it as it comes. I guess Saturday was a mini breaking session for me.

bishop-td-jakes.jpegThat leads me to discuss some pretty insightful stuff I picked up from the Creative Church Conference in Dallas, TX. I know my wife has blogged about TD Jakes’ messages along with Angie and Pastor Byron but for me it was the most impactful time of the conference. Bishop TD Jakes is a gifted communicator of God’s truth from the Bible. Obviously the man is anointed by God to preach His Word. His message, particularly on Friday morning was straight from the heart of God too me. Bishop Jakes spoke on how God uses betrayal in our lives to accomplish His will for us. Bishop Jakes talked about how the disciples did not recognize Jesus after He rose from the dead until He sat down to eat with them and did something that they had seen Jesus do many times before. Jesus TOOK the bread, He BLESSED the bread, He BROKE the bread and then He GAVE it out. Bishop Jakes spoke on how Jesus did this with the five loaves and two fishes. The disciples saw Him do the same thing at the passover feast. Then Bishop Jakes made the analogy of the many men in the Bible that God used that were TAKEN, BLESSED, BROKEN then GIVEN such as Joseph and ultimately Jesus Christ Himself. Bishop said that you might be in any stage of this process but God has a purpose in mind as we go through this process. I never saw how betrayal was a work of being broken so clearly as when Bishop Jakes spoke on Friday.

Needless to say I was bawling my eyes out. The tears were flowing and I could not stop them. I know, I know I am too emotional but God was literally speaking too my heart on Friday. It’s amazing how God can use His word and the servant that preaches it to touch people. Sometimes I can forget in our busyness and our constant evaluation to do our best for the Lord that it is truly a work of His Holy Spirit that touches lives and changes them. Even if you have a relationship with the Lord it is great to be touched by the power, that is the Word of God, just like it was the first time you heard about Christ and the overwhelming feeling that imparted to your life.

So I learned a lot at the conference but everything is just not as powerful as that moment when Bishop Jakes was speaking directly too me. Don’t get me wrong the rest of the speakers and messages were fantastic and very insightful but I believe God wanted me to hear about being TAKEN, BLESSED, BROKEN and GIVEN so I can have renewed hope that the work that He started in me is not complete and the betrayals and everything that I have gone through is not the end but only the beginning of the work He has for me to do.


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