Of Sundays & Superbowls
February 4, 2008, 10:47 am
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I can remember when on Superbowl Sundays one would be made to feel guilty for wanting to watch the Superbowl in lieu of attending church on a Sunday evening. A person’s relationship with God or spiritual walk or lack thereof was equated with whether you attended church on the night of the Superbowl. In fact I can remember so many of those Superbowl Sunday nights at church going longer than a normal Sunday evening service just to prove to whoever might be looking at our church (it wasn’t the unchurched) that we were the spiritual giants (no pun intended 🙂 ) and were better than most people in the world. I can remember big choir songs and big planned services scheduled on this night and then jabs at all of “those” people that stayed home to watch the game from the pulpit. I can remember statements like, “God is bigger than any game” or “Why don’t people cheer or get as excited about God as they do a football game” or many or any statements dealing with how “we” are better than “they” because we came to church on the biggest Sunday night of the year. Isn’t that just like religion? To place a man made rule on people to make them feel closer to God.

Yesterday morning we had another great message on religion by Pastor Byron, where he talked about how religion likes to place rules and regulations on people which in turn determines how close or how much favor you find with God. We talked about how religious people many times look nothing like Christ and Pastor Byron shared a powerful example of such people that he had encountered just on Saturday. I then started thinking about this Sunday, Superbowl Sunday.

I am thankful that C3 Church does not espouse or teach legalism. Legalism is a churchy kind of word. To put it in layman’s terms, it just means a bunch of rules and regulations to live your Christian life by. In years past the religious thing would be to go to some long church service on a Superbowl Sunday night instead of watching the game. I thank God that I no longer equate my spiritual health by my attendance to church on Superbowl Sunday night. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and even building relationships with new friends watching a football game. I am glad that God doesn’t put the same qualifications to be His child on us as some people do. It’s not about religion it’s about a relationship.

So, of Sundays and Superbowls. We had great services on Sunday morning and we had a great game on Sunday night. To the Giants and all of your fans, congrats on winning and to all of my C3’ers, what a great day of worship and congrats on our freedom from religion!

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This is so true!
Wow it is crazy to look back and think of the journey and how far we have come from….that CRAP! 🙂
Great Blog!

Comment by kayleighannah

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