Why Must I Be So Emotional?
January 27, 2008, 6:31 pm
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I can not help the way God made me. For most of you that know me, you know I am an emotional kind of guy. Sometimes I get a little irritated at myself because I think I am a little too emotional. On the other hand there are times when I am glad I am the way that I am. This morning is one of those times. I could feel myself getting emotional at several points this morning. You might ask why were you getting emotional this morning Darrell? Shouldn’t you have been emotional last week on the major kick-off Sunday or even on the first Sunday when it was the first time we saw all of our volunteers in action? Or maybe on the Saturday morning of training of the hundreds of volunteers? I might have a little because all of those are great moments in C3’s brief history at Waterford Lakes Town Center. So why this morning?

I witnessed the faithfulness of God this morning. Every time I saw our hosts and hostesses walking new people around and when I went into the large theater both services I was just blown away by our crowds. After last week having such a great Sunday with so many new people I had set my expectations low for this Sunday. Of course I am ashamed that I did not believe God for the best but thank God He does not operate according to my expectations. I knew we would be moving into the largest theater that Waterford Lakes, Regal Cinema had, which was a miracle in itself, but how would we even begin to fill it was all I could think of. Won’t we look lost in such a big theater and won’t that translate into a loss of momentum? But, that is not what happened at all. We filled it up significantly in both services. Yes, there is room to grow, but it was obvious that our congregation is continuing to invest and invite and God is moving in a very special way. That is why I was emotional at several points this morning. God is faithful even when we can not see it at times, God can see it all the time.

I have so many times over the past few years questioned God. “God, why are going through this?” “God, why did this friend and that friend let Satan convince them to listen to lies?” “God, why did my friends not believe me and throw our friendship away?” “God, why did you not let this person or that person go with us in the journey?” “God, are you going to let our church die?” Well, I know the answer to any or all of these questions and it was confirmed to me today. The numbers of new people coming to know Him are worth anything that we have gone through. And God will reward your faithfulness if you stay the course when He tells you to do something and you do it no matter the cost.

So God help my unbelief and thank you for blessing C3 Church. And, what’s so amazing is that this is just the beginning. I am truly sorry for those that could not believe and set aside the vision for their own preferences because they are going to miss out on a truly great movement of God. Then again, I won’t question God’s purpose and will for them because God has us all on a journey and C3 Church was just not part of theirs. God has them in His hand just as He has all of us in His hand as well. I am just thankful that God called me to be a part of what I believe is one of the greatest ministries in Central Florida and will be in the Nation and the World. The detractors and naysayers will always try to be heard but fortunately that does not hinder God blessing a church He cares about and neither do my expectations. Thank You God. Thank You God. Dang it! why must I be so emotional?!!!!!!!!!


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