Good Problems
January 15, 2008, 11:08 pm
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It’s been a little while since I blogged but I have a few minutes so I am going write down a few thoughts. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. We had another great Sunday of preview services at C3 this last weekend. If I ever thought that things would get easier as we get a few weeks under our belt doing portable church I was completely mistaken. There is more work than ever with a whole set of new challenges.

Probably the biggest challenge right now is a space issue. We are occupying six theaters plus two other rooms at Regal and we are already having space issues. The main issue is our worship services. We have jumped so much in attendance it is forcing us to make decisions to facilitate our growth much faster than we had anticipated. I tell you that so that I can say this. This and the other issues that we are having to tackle are good problems to have. Growth, rapid growth is a great issue to deal with. Mean, hateful, spiteful, disloyal people are horrible issues to deal with. Over the past few years it seems like our focus (not by our choice) has been to deal with mean Christians that did not want to follow God’s word by coming under the leadership that God had appointed over them. Instead of being focused on others and reaching the lost they were focused on their traditions and what “they” wanted. I am so glad that the people that needed to move on have and now our entire focus is on reaching the lost for Christ.

Who would have thought that “Connecting the Community with Christ” would be so controversial. I thank God, He has brought us through it and is blessing C3 with so many new believers. It is a blessing to leave the ninety and nine for the one. The one that is lost. Just like Pastor Byron said on Sunday. Can you see it, can you see them?


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