Hello 2008!
January 2, 2008, 2:57 am
Filed under: Personal

Right now it is 3am and I cannot sleep. I probably would have blogged on the first day of the year but I was too busy to even go on line until late last night and then I was too tired. Now here it is 3am and I cannot sleep so I will blog. I could say a lot about last year but I am not going to belabor the point. I will say this. I learned a lot in 2007. A lot of things became clear too me in 07′. I was able to see God’s hand in many areas of my life the least of which was the preparation for battles that I faced during the year. I can say that my passion for reaching the lost is greater than it has ever been. The personal sacrifice to reach others is a privilege and a blessing. It is no where near what our Savior sacrificed to reach us but I can relate a little bit (a little bit) to Paul when He said I count it all as loss for the cause of Christ.

You might ask what is the greatest lesson you have learned from 2007? Right now it is this. Loyalty even among friends is something very rare and precious. Most people do not have it. I’ve heard this said, “When there is a covenant, it is always between people, not things. So if I am in a covenant, it is a commitment between you and me and not between me and a thing.” Most people are in covenants with things so they throw friendships, trust and even loyalty out of the window because things mean more to them than people.

I am in a covenant with my God. I am in a covenant with my wife. I am in a covenant with my family. I am in a covenant with my friends. And I am proud to say I am in a covenant with my Pastor!

And having done all to stand, I stand.

Thank God for lessons learned but I am thrilled to say good bye to 2007 and welcome with open arms 2008. Leaving behind, what is behind, I press on forward for that which is ahead.



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