Out With The Old, In With The New
December 22, 2007, 1:50 pm
Filed under: Church

It’s ok to look back at times just as long as you keep looking forward in the process. Tomorrow is our last service at 9000 Lake Underhill Rd. The Lake Underhill address is just that, an address. Did God do some amazing things over the years at this address? Yes He did but it is just a building. The “church” is the people, not the building. God says that He dwells in temples not made with hands. The first century “church” met in homes. What does the building at Lake Underhill contain after tomorrow for the people at C3 Church? Nothing but memories because the “church” which is the people, will call another address home for a while. Then we will make new memories at the Theaters at Waterford Lakes until God moves us from there.

People change addresses all of the time. How many homes have you lived in, in your lifetime? This move is like that. You have memories of things that you lived through in certain places that you have called home but the family keeps on going even when “home” is someplace new.

We have had triumphs and successes at 9000 Lake Underhill Rd. and we most certainly have seen our share of tough times but you know what? The family survives and moves on. God has been with us through it all and will continue to never leave or forsake us.

So, thank You God for what you have brought us through and thank You God for what lies ahead. C3 Church it’s time to move on and into the future. God has some great things ahead for us as we start to meet in the theaters. With so many in our congregation focused on others and reaching out to new people that will come to visit as we meet in the theaters we can not help but see God move. I am so proud of the 86 people alone that volunteered to be a part of the Connections Team and of all the countless people that signed up to be on the Set up/Tear down Crew and serve C3 Kids. I don’t think that we have ever in the history of our church seen such a majority percentage of people that have plugged in to serve OTHERS. God’s Church is on the move.

So thanks 9000 Lake Underhill for the memories and watch out Regal Cinemas Waterford Lakes because here comes C3 Church. Church in the marketplace. Church for others. Church that is relevant. Kinda sounds a little barbaric wouldn’t you say? C3, let’s be barbaric as we reach east Orlando with the message of Christ. Let’s show some Barbaric Grace! Connecting the Community with Christ, C3 Church!


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