Let’s Connect
December 10, 2007, 10:32 am
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Yesterday we had a ton of people sign up to volunteer in the three main areas where people are needed as we transition to the theaters. People signed up for Connections Team, C3 Kids and The Crew. Since my area is Connections Team, I was pumped that the most volunteers signed up for the area I am responsible for. Connecting with people as we worship in the theaters will be so important. Smiling faces in the parking lot, the doors, the information center, hosts and hostesses and ushers are going to be vital when new people come to experience C3 Church. It is great to serve in a church where we practice Barbaric Grace and are caring more about others than ourselves. When we care about others, people will come to know Jesus and life change will happen. The Holy Spirit is doing something special here at C3 Church. Let’s continue to pray that this movement will continue and that a city can be changed. Let’s Connect!


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Proud of you, Bro! You’re doing awesome… connect, connect, connect…


Comment by Byron

Jim and I are in Powerhouse but can help anywhere. You know he can do anything with the sound and lighting…make cables,maintenence equipment…mobil events is what he deals with all day at work.
Come check out the Student Union and his sound booth some day!
Colleen Wilson

Comment by Anonymous

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