Oh Yeah, It’s Starting To Roll
December 4, 2007, 9:06 am
Filed under: Church

Over the weekend I was away in Raleigh/Durham, NC visiting another church who has a great connections ministry. This church manages 800 volunteers who plug in and serve every weekend. I learned a ton and have a lot of info to process and work into our connections ministry. I missed being here for the incredible day that we had on Sunday. I heard that after the 21 baptisms that the whole congregation stood to their feet and wouldn’t stop clapping. What an experience! This is just the beginning. God has some great things in store for C3. It truly is a movement. A movement that is totally fueled by the Holy Spirit and the breath of God. It is mind blowing to see how God moves in and through a congregation that have their focus on Christ alone and lost people which God cares about more than anything. There is great joy in seeing the Great Commission at work at C3 Church. I think we are starting to see the snowball take shape and it is starting to roll. Watch out East Orlando because the snowball is going to roll your way and it will only get bigger and bigger. Changed life + Changed life + Changed life + Changed life + ….


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