Stats = Changed Lives
November 29, 2007, 7:02 am
Filed under: Church

In church life there are just some things that I believe God is pleased with us getting excited over. One of those things I believe is changed lives. Some of our detractors seem to get upset when we quote statistics in essence saying that lives don’t matter. Because the reality is, everyone of those numbers represent people. And you know what? God loves people. So, to be honest with you I don’t care what some people, that don’t share the same passion to reach others, might think. Therefore I’m getting ready to rattle off a couple of awesome stats.

As I blogged about last month, 16 people were baptized in a service in November! Guess what? There are 21 people scheduled to be baptized this Sunday. Praise the Lord! Our Lord and Savior deserves all the glory. Lives are radically changing at C3 Church. God is moving and people are experiencing Christ as they start their new lives. Changed lives are what it’s all about! This is what church is supposed to be about.

C3, don’t take this movement that God is doing in our community for granted. Continue to seek His face and pray for the staff and for God’s perfect will to be done in our lives, and the church’s. Without God doing the work nothing we can do will change people’s hearts. C3, continue to be the church that cares for others more than we do ourselves. As we prepare to move out into the marketplace let’s continue to be “The church that is tirelessly devoted to changed lives.” And let’s continue to thank God for His BARBARIC GRACE!


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