Barbaric Grace In Practice
November 25, 2007, 9:04 pm
Filed under: Church

What can be said about a day like today? Today C3 practiced some Barbaric Grace. Pastor Byron talked about how we as a church need to put action to our words, “Love Christ and love others.” Today we were able to put a total of $10,500 in the hands of the congregation not to spend on themselves or to give back to the church but to reach out to someone else in need this Christmas with positively no strings attached. As every single person came up to the front of the worship center to pick up their envelope with what ever amount was in it to share with someone else, everyone had smiles ear to ear. As I watched people do this I couldn’t help but have pride in our church and the great people that make up C3 Church.

In fact I have a fairly new friend who has only been active at C3 for a few months and never wanted anything to do with church, come up to Andrea and I and said that he has never experienced anything like what is happening at C3 before. He specifically said that Church is the best thing happening in his life right now. This is a guy who wanted nothing to do with church only a few months ago.

The people at C3 were so pumped to go out into the community and be a blessing to others. We as a church staff are so pumped to hear and read the many stories that will take place over the next several weeks as the people of C3 reach out to the community.

There are those people who might think that what took place today is totally crazy but I think that we are in good company. People thought that Jesus Christ was crazy too. The religious establishment of His day felt threatened and vulnerable as Christ reached out to the everyday person to bring salvation to them without the strings the Pharisees attached to people’s religious experience. So as Christ reached out to the Hebrews of his day in a totally innovative way we must reach out to others in a totally innovative way. We must be barbaric as we reach out to others. C3 is all about practicing Barbaric Grace!


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