Of Great Memories And KFC
November 17, 2007, 3:29 pm
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It is really funny how things hit you when you don’t even expect it. I have just finished my lunch while sitting in my car at Publix waiting for my mom as she grocery shops. I had a 2 piece “original recipe” fried chicken dinner from KFC. Now you might be asking yourself why I am blogging about eating KFC? Well, like I said some things just come out of the blue and hit you when you are least expecting it. One of my best memories of my mentor/friend, Craig Stamper was the last time I had visited Craig and Susan in their home the week before Craig passed away. Brother Craig loved Kentucky Fried Chicken but was careful not to eat it too much. Therefore when he did it was like a special treat. On this particular night I was invited over to his house and was feasting with him and Susan on KFC. We ate and talked. I remember one of the big discussions was about my girlfriend (at the time) Andrea. I had shared with Craig and Susan that I thought she was the “one” and that when I did actually propose and then plan a wedding, that I wanted him to officiate the ceremony. We went on to discuss my plans to finish school (he was always pushing me to finish even when I wanted to quit at times). We also discussed how much he loved and appreciated his parents. In fact we were sitting on Craig’s back porch made from cedar posts that his dad had helped him build. I just remember it was such a special time together with he and Susan. Out of all the times I went out with or ate with Bro. Craig I believe that this particular time was my favorite. It is so great when you can live fully in a moment and have no regrets when you don’t get another one like it, because you made the most out of the moment you had.

So as I sat here in my car eating my KFC all of those memories came flooding back. Three years ago this whole thought process probably would have made me sad and nostalgic at the same time but now it just makes me happy. I had a big smile on my face as I recalled this special moment with Bro. Craig. So here’s to “The Colonel” who makes the best chicken in the world. And here’s to the great memories of my friend Craig. Who would have guessed of what could be blogged about by a couple of pieces of fried chicken?


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What a great memory! Glad that you can enjoy the memories now!

Comment by Gina

Here’s to Craig
Another thing I’m thanful for…the time I knew him.

Comment by Colleen Wilson

Thanks for sharing. I too will have something pop into my head when I hear a certain song or something like that.

Comment by Stacy

My moment was when I was getting my hair cut and saw a guy with blonde hair getting a hair perm. I too miss my mentor and great friend. Thanks for stopping by my site we need to talk on the phone soon.

Greg King

Comment by Gregory

I just thought of Bro. Craig as well. I was getting my hair cut and saw a guy with blonde hair getting a perm. I just sat back and smiled and was flooded with great memories. Man I miss my mentor and friend.

Thanks for stopping by my site. We should talk on the phone soon to catch up.

Greg King

Comment by Gregory

What a great man Bro.Craig was!!!

Comment by *Kimbers

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