Weekend In Review
November 11, 2007, 11:33 pm
Filed under: Church, Personal

It is late Sunday evening and I am just now winding down from a weekend that did not seem like a weekend at all. Firstly, I’ll talk about the Hillsong United Worship Conference at FBC Orlando. Let me say that I am thoroughly impressed with Pastor Brian Houston and the way that Hillsong Church in Australia rolls. Pastor Brian Houston really has a way of empowering future generations to lead the church and carry on the mission to reach a world for Jesus. Pastor Houston melds generational gaps to include the younger generation into leadership into Hillsong Church which keeps things fresh and exciting. Pastor Houston started Hillsong church over twenty years ago when he was only 29 but sees the need to pass leadership roles to younger generations to keep HIllsong Church fresh and relevant.

The music of Hillsong United was phenomenal. The worship of course was second to none. We do a lot of United songs in worship and it was great to hear the songs done by the original artist (In fact we did, “My Future Decided”, “Lead Me to the Cross” and “Fire Fall Down” in worship today.). It was so incredible to worship with about 5000 other people without any walls or barriers of expression in love for our Lord.

Then there is today. It was great to lead worship today and feel the presence of God in the place. As we started the sermon series, “Barbaric Grace” you could tell people were expecting a touch from God. Pastor Byron touched on Gideon and other characters in the Bible that were barbaric in their approach to fulfill God’s calling. Pastor Byron also spoke about how Christ was the ultimate embodiment of barbaric grace as He paid the ultimate sacrifice for our sins.

It was a fantastic weekend but I must say I am super tired and now we start another busy week in just a few hours. There is truly no time to be lazy as C3 gets ready for our relocation and we lay the foundation for our future as we reach a city like never before. I guess there is not any rest for barbarians. C3 it’s time for some Barbaric Grace.

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