Am I A Liberal?
November 7, 2007, 2:02 pm
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Am I a liberal? I don’t consider myself to be a liberal, but the definition of liberal varies depending on who or what you are trying to define. So let me define the content of what this blog will be addressing. I am going to talk about the environment in this blog. Now I must do a disclaimer as a precursor to my blog. These are my own personal views of which I am still trying to sort out in my head and heart as the Lord leads me.

I love the Lord and I owe everything to Him. He has changed my life through the work that He did on the cross. I am no longer a slave to sin and I am a new creation in Him. With that said, because I love the Lord with everything, I am motivated to live a life worthy of the sacrifice my Savior made for me. That means I should live like a Christian. Living like a Christ-Follower should be integral in every area of my life. I should be a good steward of my relationships, I should be a good steward of my finances, I should be a good steward of my time, I should just try to be the best that I can be through Christ with a lot of help from His grace. I don’t think anyone would disagree with the previous statement, so that leads me to my next question. Shouldn’t I, as a Christ-Follower, who is trying to be a good steward of all aspects of my life, be a good steward of the environment as well?

I am not advocating anyone to be a militant environmentalist but I am just speaking for me at this point. I think that there has to be a good balance. I can no longer live my life care-free from my impact on the world’s environment. God created this world and then created Adam and Eve to take care of His creation. God looked on His creation and called it good and then handed over the keys to the first man and woman, figuratively speaking. I know God is the creator and He has total control of His creation but I think that we should not mistreat something that God called good. I believe that if I mistreat something that God called good then I am sinning or in other words, I am not living like a Christ-Follower.

I realize that this is a political and social hotbed for discussion right now. I am just sharing what I believe God is showing me about this particular subject in my life right now. What God is speaking to my heart, He might not be speaking to yours. I do not claim to know how exactly God feels on this subject I just know what He is impressing upon me. I will not get into a debate about what “data” is right or wrong, cooked or uncooked, lies or truth. I am still trying to figure out exactly what I am thinking on the whole subject. I just know that as a Christ-Follower it is easy to stick my head in the sand and forget about the social injustices in the world. If good people don’t stand for social justice then who will. I think that Christ-Followers are “good” people. I love the Earth that God has so graciously created and given to me to enjoy. Therefore, it is incumbent upon me to help protect and care for it. So, does that make me a liberal, I don’t know, but I do know I want to be a good steward of everything Christ has given me and I think that includes our beautiful planet Earth, our home.


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I agree honey. This should not be an issue only related to politics. God has entrusted us with His creation. We all share this planet He has given us. What gives us the right to consume so much while others have so little? What makes us so entitled to destroy what is only a temporary home? If we want to leave a legacy for future generations we should do it in ALL areas of our lives. The church has viewed this issue as propaganda for to long just because it doesn’t line up with the political party they choose to endorse. I don’t think any party has the market cornered on what God truly desires. The biblical signs of end times are very clear but why do we EXCUSE OUR PERSONAL ABUSE of the planet with, “well, you know it’s been prophesied.” I’m glad you are wrestling with this issue because I have been convicted on the same thing. God expects the best from us in every area of our life. I don’t think He desires us to be wasteful, over consuming, greedy, destoying, polluting people. He cares for His creation and trusts as Christ followers too as well. Besides… I’ve always really loved bamboo floors! 🙂

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