Ramp It Up!
November 4, 2007, 10:04 pm
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What an awesome day at C3 Church. God moved in a very powerful way as Eric Garner shared his testimony as to how God changed his life. Sexual temptations and struggles affect everyone. Churched or un-churched deal with the same issues. Today was one of those days when the Lord just showed up and revealed himself to many folks that gathered to hear the Word of God.

As I was able to shake so many hands this morning it was encouraging to see the many smiling faces and the receive the many warm greetings as people entered the building. Maybe it is just my own fears or anxiety but it is so refreshing just to be greeted with smiles and kind words. It really has been a long year with so many unkind words and reactions when you just simply want to say hello to people. It is crazy how sometimes our circumstances can affect how we look at people and situations. There have been times personally when I was afraid to even extend my hand in friendly greetings because of what exchange might ensue (Travis just had such an experience while at Disney with his family this weekend). I am just so thankful that these encounters don’t take place at C3 any longer. The people at C3 are just so loving and affirming of the staff. It is an incredible feeling to feel that way again. The people at C3 are going to make my job as Connections Pastor a real joy and blessing. As we do our best to reach people for Christ it is great to have a whole congregation in our corner and cheering us on. Seeing lives being changed and seeing people excited about what God is doing is incredibly exciting.

I know the people of C3 are ready to take church to the streets and the marketplace at Waterford Town Center. The people of C3 are ready for the challenge of making the many new people feel welcome that will come through the doors seeking for the One Person that can give them hope. Get ready C3 because we have only begun to see how many lives that God is going to change. Let’s ramp it up! It is time for some “Barbaric Grace”!


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Darrell, It is so cool to see what God is doing in your life and at C3. I can’t imagine what some of the tough times have been like. However, your faithfulness is being rewarded and God is blessing what all of you at C3 are doing for Him.

God bless you, and you are in my prayers regularly.

Comment by Steve

Thanks for the encouragement Steve. God is truly blessing through changed lives. Your prayers are always appreciated. Please know you and Stacy are in ours as you continue to reach people in TN.

Comment by Darrell

Darrell, Gina and I enjoyed attending C3 last Sunday. What a great place; a wonderful community of fellowship and excitement for God. As I was in church, I kept thinking about how bold and courageous it was for your church to reach out to a community in need of the Lord. The irony is that we all need the Lord, regardless of how long we’ve been saved. I love the risk you, Byron, and all the leaders of the church have taken to reach people who might otherwise not have had a place to go, who have felt like outcasts and shunned from the Church. I also appreciated listening to the work God has done in Eric Garner’s life. Eric’s pursuit of the Lord has given all men, regardless of their individual struggle, an inspiration that it’s the daily battle, the daily embracing of our “limps,” and the constant laying ourselves at the feet of Jesus. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

Comment by Bryan

Thanks Bryan. We look forward to seeing you at C3 again. You know what? This might be the church for you and Gina. Sorry just a shameless plug, I know you will let the Lord lead you in all you do. I appreciate your friendship. We love you guys.

Comment by Darrell

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